On a very steamy hot day in Bridgeview Illinois the exacted a certain measure of revenge against Atlanta United winning 2-0. Atlanta United beat the Fire 4-0 in the beginning of the season. One can say the three points is revenge, but wouldn’t it have been sweeter to beat them 5-0. The Fire are now currently on a seven game unbeaten streak, in second place in the Eastern conference only 1 behind leaders Toronto. In the overall standings they are 15 points ahead of their old home the bottom of the table overall.

The feeling inside Toyota is different with fans chanting alongside Supporters group Section 8, which has been absent for so long. The fans rising to their feet with every possession, almost willing their “Men in Red” to score. The crowd calling out the names of their heroes, “Niko, Niko, Basti, Basti ring out. There is a new belief among the Fire faithful at Toyota Park that we will win. The Fire are undefeated at home with one draw and 7 wins. One longtime fan said to me “it is a good feeling to come into the stadium with the expectation that we will win, instead of feeling like here we go again we are going to lose. Even if we lose this game it is enough to have the expectation of winning.” The honor, the passion that has been a long tradition of the club is returning, it is early in the season but the feeling that we can finally burn the wooden spoon given to the last place team at the end. The Fire begin their quest for a fifth Lamar Hunt US Open Cup on Wednesday at St. Louis FC, only 5 wins separate them from a return to “Kings of the Cup.”

A Co-worker said to me “I turned on Soccer for 10 minutes and it was so boring.” Which got me thinking about why in the world am I such a self-confessed “sooceraholic, why do I eat, sleep and breathe soccer?” I dream of being a pro soccer fan, travelling the world in search of the next great fix. To go to matches in hopes of witnessing the next greatest goal or save, so I can say I was there when. Is there a difference between fans of Baseball, Hockey, basketball and American football and soccer fans? Is the difference that soccer has supporter groups who follow their beloved teams to the ends of the earth and back? They have chants and drums to beat, scarves to wave, is that what makes a soccer fan? Like other fans they don their colors and wear them proudly, the team logo on the corners of the jerseys, but in soccer we call them a badge. The debate over whose team or sport is better, but as for me it is “Fire till I die”

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  1. Don Mac Gregor

    June 15, 2017 at 6:43 PM

    We also saw how the Fire overcame its initial shaky start against St. Louis to win.

    On another subject the question about water breaks got me wondering, so I wrote FIFA for an explanation.

    “The Laws of the Game allow competitions to decide whether or not to have drinks breaks and the competition rules will determine under what conditions such breaks may occur”, Dave Elleray, from the The International Football Association Board wrote back. He later emphasized that”It is up to each competition to decide IF they are permitted at all and, if they permit them, how they should be controlled and under what conditions they are permissible. This has to be very much a competition by competition decision based on ‘local’ weather/climate etc..”
    So no federation-wide standard.

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