The Fire welcome the Orlando city Lions and look for their first win against them. A win to say would extend their unbeaten streak to nine and would be their seventh straight win at home. The Fire will look to the player nicknamed the Lion, Michael de Leeuw. He is tasked with stalking the mid-field, breaking up plays, helping in the defense and possessing the ball and starting the attack to forwards Luis Solignac and Nemanja Nikolic. He has been the Fire’s secret weapon and a big part of their early season success. The Fire will hope they are hitting Orlando at the best time, they played on Wednesday in Seattle then travel to Chicago to face the Fire on Saturday. The last game played between these two teams resulted in a 0-0 draw, even though the Fire were up two men after two Orlando red cards. This I am sure will be on Men in Red’s minds as they take the pitch. They will look for a measure of revenge. Should the Fire win and Toronto FC lose, the Fire will be in first place overall till the next match day. The Fire are asking for the renewed passion of their fans to cheer them on to victory. Toyota Park has become somewhat of a Fortress this season as the Fire have seven wins and a draw at home. A win on Saturday would give the Fire the first double digit wins in the regular season since 2013.

As a self-confessed “soccereraholic” and almost fanatic fan, I am frequently teased about soccer by co-workers. I say bring it, I will defend my right to eat, sleep and breathe soccer to the death. One day as I was working I was enduring a rather lighthearted session of fun teasing and one customer who is a fan of the other UN mentionable football BTW I call it handball declared she calls soccer players “Grass Fairies.” I was flabbergasted and had no clever retort. Regaining my brain I stumbled to say “Soccer players can tackle and they aren’t wearing no wimpy protection gear” If any of my readers have a better reply I would welcome any clever quips. I say I would like to see any NFL player survive the two a days MLS players endure in pre-season. Or cover the field and run for 90 minutes like some players during a match

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