Mike Glennon. A Chicago Bear.

Mike Glennon has a 5-13 record, 30:15 touchdown to interception ratio and a 59.4% career completion percentage as a starter. Glennon is also, a very rich man. Mike Glennon signed a 3-year/$45 million contract with the Bears, including a $3 million signing bonus, $18.5 million guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $15 million.

What story does this tell? A quarterback’s value has skyrocketed due to the lack of superiority at the position. There are average quarterbacks all over the league being paid as if they were super stars. By far the highest paid position in the league even though in some cases it’s not the quarterback who’s the most valuable player on the field.

A recent example is the 2015 Super Bowl winning champion, Peyton Manning. His contract was reconstructed in 2015 to a $15 million contract with $4 million in incentives. He was given the title of the highest paid player on the Denver Broncos in 2015. What were the future Hall of Famer’s stats in 2015? Not good and by far not the best player on the field. He threw for only nine touchdowns and seventeen interceptions, yet this team made it to the Super Bowl solely riding on a very dominate defense.

How is all of this relevant to Mike Glennon? Teams are willing to hand out fat contracts and blockbuster trades for average quarterbacks. Chicago Bears fans all over social media have wished for an awful performance by Glennon in hopes that the coaching staff and management would wise up and start rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Although Trubisky has been excellent thus far, it would benefit the Bears MORE long term if he redshirted and Glennon had an average to above average season. But why you ask?

The Bears defense and run game is good enough to carry this team to a playoff spot as long as Glennon can be a game manager. Someone who can get first downs and won’t turn the ball over. Someone who will help Jordan Howard and the run game burn the clock for the “W”.

If John Fox, Ryan Pace and Glennon can convince another team he’s worth being traded for, The Chicago Bears COULD score big in 2018 or even mid-season. They may be able to get back value for the giant price tag Glennon aquired this offseason. A recent example of this was Sam Bradford being traded to the Minnesota Vikings. The trade included a 1st round 2017 draft pick and a fourth round 2018 pick. Bradford was an injury laden QB who played average at best with the Eagles in 2015.

Stop praying, wishing or putting bad juju on Mike Glennon. He needs all the positive energy we as fans can give him. The better he does the better off the Bears are as a whole. Glennon has potential to be trade bait to a desperate team and it will actually give Trubisky time to legitimately learn and get better.

Mike Glennon. A Chicago Bear. Treat him that way.

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