The Chicago Bulls are currently finishing a deal to acquire Quincy Pondexter from the Pelicans. This move makes sense for the Pelicans who are looking to free up some cap space. The Bulls likely made this move for the 2nd round pick they also will receive in the deal. Pondexter will likely be cut from the roster once the deal is done. He has missed two seasons due to knee injuries and the Bulls have enough injured players as is. Pondexter was once a very good defender as well as a good 3pt shooter. But seeing as the Bulls are rebuilding and have a team full of young guards it is doubtful that they’ll want Quincy there taking minutes from them. He is likely to be either cut or traded. It might be worth it to see what the Bulls can get for him. It won’t be much due to the injury history but the they may be able to get a 2nd round pick or even a low 1st round pick for him. Either way his future on this team isn’t expected to be long.

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