Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, Gar Forman strikes again. Jimmy Butler, the only small piece of hope Bulls fans had to hold on to is gone. Jimmy was traded on draft night to the Timberwolves for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and the 7th overall pick which was used on Lauri Markkanen.

So what do Bulls fans have to look forward to this season? LaVine and Cameron Payne are both still injured and won’t be ready by the time the season starts. Dunn is coming off a very disappointing rookie season. Wade is a year older and expecting a buyout soon. The chances of Fred Hoiberg’s coaching improving is very slim. So fans can expect this season to be full of losing. However, there are two bright spots! If the Bulls lose a lot of games that increases their pick in the next draft. Hopefully they can get the number 1 pick and have a chance at drafting either Michael Porter Jr or Marvin Bagley. The other thing is watching all the current young guys and seeing if any of them are worth keeping. Markkanen should be given all the minutes he needs to develop into something good. Hopefully LaVine can come back and continue to play like before the injury. His ability to shoot the ball is desperately needed on this team.

Letting the rookies get all the minutes won’t lead to a lot of wins, but it will lead to a lot of development. As well as a higher draft pick. The Bulls need to focus on nothing else but the young talent on the team. Grant said this was the “Most productive offseason” of his life. So it’ll be great to see improvement out of him. With Butler gone guys like Valentine and Zipser will be able to play more often. Bobby Portis looked good in the playoffs last season, maybe he’ll finally earn that starting spot. Markkanen will also be competing with Portis and Mirotic for minutes at the power forward spot. He’s been compared to Porzingis and has played well so far in the EuroBasket for team Finland. Young Talent and high draft picks is the focus for the Bulls this season. Getting contracts like Lopez and Wade off the books is also a good idea the Bulls should look to accomplish. In short, the Bulls should do everything this season except win.


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