The Westgate Las Vegas Super Book has the New England Patriots as the clear favorite to revisit the Super Bowl this season. In fact the odds are 3-1. Multiple sites; ESPN, NFL (Elliot Harrison) and Sports Illustrated all have them standing atop their power rankings loud and proud. If you were to ask most avid NFL followers or analyst they’d all tell you the same, “The Patriots are the best team in football.” But, what these analysts, stat junkies and “football experts” fail to take in consideration every year is, the NFL is an untamable beast.

The Kansas City Chiefs were given a 25-1 chance to win the Super Bowl (Westgate Las Vegas Super Book) and ranked 8th (ESPN), 7th (Sports Illustrated), and 9th (NFL’s Elliot Harrison) in recent Power Rankings. This is a team, despite being ranked higher than most teams, was still below the Patriots by enough to know who the better team was supposed to be. In last nights game the Chiefs proved the NFL world wrong by beating the Patriots 42-27. Not just a win, but a slaughter.

What does this have to do with the Chicago Bears? Everything. Once again the NFL has proven that no matter what the odds say there is a chance for statistics to be wrong. Although, on paper the Atlanta Falcons have a much better chance to route the Chicago Bears on Sunday, after watching last nights game, anything can happen.

Am I saying da Bears are going to the Super Bowl as the NFC champs? No. I am saying just because the odds are 100-1 (Westgate Las Vegas Super Book) to make it to the Super Bowl, doesn’t mean the Bears can’t win a few games they were projected to lose. More specifically this Sunday.

Atlanta had the most productive offense during the regular season last year. An offense being led by an offensive coordinator that no longer works for them. They have most of the same offensive pieces that made them so dominate. The Atlanta Falcons are working with superstars such as Julio Jones, (2016-2017 MVP) Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman. But they definitely have their weaknesses and Vic Fangio, Dowell Logains and John Fox all plan to exploit those.

The Falcons are the “clear favorite” to win on Sunday, but the Kansas City Chiefs gave Bears fans ONE MORE THING to look forward to. An upset. An underdog story. A story that’s going to make people realize, The Chicago Bears are for-real. The “football experts” better watch out. The Chicago Bears are coming and no one is more eager to win than the Chicago Bears


Photo Credit: David Wilson

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