With Week One behind Chicago, they’re quite aware what they need to improve on in the QB room and WR room.  Just missing a win by a touchdown, Mike Glennon has now refocused and has his sights set on Tampa Bay- His old team. Glennon doesn’t want to show his old team what he’s got.  Instead, he is out for a win. “I’d love to win. Get to one and one.” , was what Glennon had to say about going against his former team. Only reeling in 75 yards while with the Bucs last year, Glennon has surpassed that in one game with 213 yards and one touchdown against the reining NFC Champs- the Atlanta Falcons.  Does this mean he has more chemistry with his Chicago teammates?  Possibly.  Or, maybe it’s the fact that he isn’t second string anymore.  Being “Primary” changes things.  He also knows who Chicago’s up against.  He has the ability to bring home a win on Sunday.

Now on to Glennon’s new offensive line.  Having placed White on IR and bringing Gentry from practice teams, the Bears are in troubled waters some say.  That’s only because Gentry hasn’t tasted “primary” blood before.  While they have players like Sims and Miller in for TE and Howard and Cohen in for RB, they seem to have something missing in their WR room.  They have the depth, but, how are they going to play them against the Bucs?  This question has been eating at my core since playing the Falcons and losing by a touchdown.  If I was coach, I’d start Thompson and Gentry as the key receivers.  Thompson’s good out the gate and Gentry is good for long drives in the red zone.  This will prove effective against Tampa’s defense.

What about Chicago’s improved defense?  With J. Freeman out with a pectoral injury and on concussion protocol, Anderson has been activated in his sted.  What does this mean for the front seven?  Not having a key component to any machine can be bad.  This shouldn’t be an issue, though, with this machine with the likes of Kwiatkoski, Floyd, Acho, Fuller, and Hicks.  Danny Trevathan is back in the mix so there shouldn’t be any worries with the defense against a Bucs offense.  Key players they need to stack against are DeSean Jackson who was signed during the off season from Washington and who is very illusive and quick and Mike Evans who is their leading WR with 96 receptions, 1321 receiving yards, and 12 receiving touchdowns in 2016.  The defense is going to have to act like Jackson is Cohen when they go to tackle him since they’re similar in elusiveness and speed. Evans isn’t good out the gates but catch him before he runs down field. He will score. He does have speed on his side. If they can get these two in check, they can hold the Bucs off from scoring.

Actions speak louder than words.  With that said, the Chicago offense needs to show up and defense needs to hold key players off from scoring.  The Bucs are hard to analyze since they haven’t played a regular season game, yet.  With Glennon at the helm and his knowing this opposing team, Chicago has a fairly good chance of winning.

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