It was ugly. From the beginning it was ugly and the Bears were doomed from the first snap. That last bit may have been a bit dramatic but it certainly was ugly. Mike Glennon had a poor performance and the offensive line suffered another injury. The Bears took a loss 29-7 at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Let’s not lie to each other here. I said it last week and will say it again. The Bears are not a good team. They were never going to be. There’s still too much work to be done for them to be a good team.

And because of this it is silly for fans to be calling for Mitchell Trubisky. The offensive line is decimated, there are no receivers for the rookie to throw to. Let Glennon take those hits, let Glennon take the losses. Then take the high draft pick, select a receiver or a safety, and throw Trubisky in for 2018, to grow with a healthy line and a new set of receivers, and hope to win more games for that season.

The fact of the matter is that it would be counterproductive to throw Trubisky in now. His confidence would crater and the frustrations would only mount. Would there be a couple of “wow” moments? Of course, because that’s just the type of athlete Trubisky is. But 2018 is clearly his time.

Now that we’ve cleared that up let’s look at some key moments from Sunday’s contest in Tampa.

Player of the game: Eddie Goldman, DT

It was incredibly hard to pick out a good performer from Sunday’s game, but we’ll settle for Eddie Goldman. Health has always been a concern for Goldman, and he’s struggled with injuries since being drafted. But the Bears nose tackle looked good on Sunday, recording a sack and being an overall presence on the defensive line. We’ve talked about how the Bears defensive line would be a strength this season and Goldman is a big part of that. If he can stay healthy that would be huge for the season.

Needs Improvement: The Secondary

While singularly players like Kyle Fuller and Eddie Jackson have looked good, the secondary has been disappointing thus far. The Bears were near the bottom of the league in takeaways last year, which made the secondary a big priority this past offseason. But through two games the Bears have yet to pick off a pass, which is not the improvement the front office nor the fans were looking for. Obviously it’s early and as mentioned singularly there are players performing well, but the unit as a whole needs to be better, and will face a big test next week when they take on Big Ben and the Steelers.

Mike Glennon Analysis of the Week:

Glennon regressed in week 2. After an adequate performance against the Atlanta Falcons in week 1 Glennon played poorly against the Buccaneers. He threw two bad interceptions, one of which went back for six. Glennon wasn’t making reads, and when he did decide on a receiver it took him a century to get rid of the ball. Glennon is not here to win games though, and as the placeholder for Trubisky fans will just have to deal with what is given to them. Don’t expect much better against the Steelers new and quite impressive defense.

All in all….

It was a bad game all around. Running backs Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard had nowhere to go against a Bucs defense that was clearly prepared for them. Expect more of this going forward, teams will force Glennon to throw because they know he won’t beat them like Cohen and Howard can. Things won’t be this bad every week but they won’t be as good as they were in week 1 either. The season-long result will be something in between. And no matter how many words I write on this page it’s impossible to think that the chants for Trubisky will go away. But patience is a virtue, and Bears fans virtues will certainly be tested as the season goes on.

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