The Bears provided one of the shocks of the weekend by beating the Steelers but there was still many questions regarding the offence that haven’t been resolved. The Bears are currently being propped up by two very effective Running-backs in Jordan Howard and Tariq Cohen who combined for 216 rushing yards whilst the defence held a stacked Steelers roster to only 17 points. When the Bears acquired Glennon over the summer that seemed an expensive deal I was sceptical of his ability to lead the Bears into a more successful team. If the plan was always to use him for this year whilst a rookie was developing, I’m sure they were hoping Glennon would be able to perform at least an average level to ensure there wasn’t increasing pressure on John Fox to give Trubisky the reigns.

However, the victory should not hide the scrutiny Glennon should be facing. The next few statistics make pretty grim reading and makes it very difficult to justify Glennons starting position. He only completed three passes beyond five yards on Sunday and six of his fifteen completed passes didn’t make it past the line of scrimmage. His first completion to a wide receiver didn’t happen until the fourth quarter with a 9 yard pass to Deonte Thompson. Only four balls were thrown by Glennon beyond 10 yards. Of those, two were incomplete and one was picked off by the Steelers.

Maybe the above paragraph is overly critical of Glennon. The wide receiver core has been severely weakened this season. Alshon Jeffery left to join Philadelphia Eagles. Kevin White has been placed on IR due to a shoulder injury picked up in week 1 against Atlanta Falcons. Cameron Meredith is out for the season which leaves the Bears paper-thin. Markus Wheaton made his debut at the weekend but was only targeted twice but didn’t make a catch, Kendall Wright and Deonte Thompson have both only made just over a 100 yards each across the 3 weeks. With those facts, I do accept that a quarterback can’t shine if his receivers aren’t getting open.

It could be argued that Cameron Meredith could have become Glennons key receiver with good hands and being a big target but without him it looks like Glennon doesn’t have a strong rapport with any other receiver and without a deep threat, the Bears have become reliant on the running backs to carry the game which was successful on Sunday but moving forward it is essential the Bears can get some momentum with the passing game. One thing is for sure Glennon is not the answer. Yes it is possible that Mitch Trubisky could come in, make mistakes and things might not improve but the fan base would certainly get behind a rookie making his way in the NFL rather than Glennon who is always looking to make short passes and never look to make a big play. There has been a raft of rookie quarterbacks who have made impact instantly in the league in the last couple of years such as Derek Carr, Jameis Winston, Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz and whilst the Bears are in this developmental period it seems perfect opportunity for Trubisky to start sooner rather than later.

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