The future is Tru.
Glennon has faltered in his debut with the Chicago Bears as Mitch Trubisky has had to weather the bench studying the many plays required of a starting quarterback. Sources say that the future is Tru. Will he start against the Vikings on Monday night? Arrows point to yes. Fox, on the other hand, won’t let anyone know whether or not Mitch will start. 

The elephant in the room

Glennon is no rookie but is making all the rookie mistakes as of late. Having key players open and not throwing to these said players is a definite rookie move. Glennon, of all people, should know better and know his offense better. His Green Bay debut left fans scratching their heads. The big question was: Why?! Why didn’t Coach Fox bench him and bring Trubisky in? The team had NOTHING to lose. Rodgers is a formidable quarterback and Trubisky is comparable in his athleticism and that athleticism is much needed if the Bears are to start winning games. It’s not going to get easier for Glennon and, as I said, they have nothing to lose.

The rookies: Watson and Trubisky.

While Trubisky sits the bench, Watson is dominating his position as starting quarterback. Having come from the same draft class, the only rookie who’s getting things done is Watson. The Bears need to start Trubisky like yesterday. There’s no question about his abilities if you’ve watched this rising star during the pre-season. Some may argue that Mitch was only up against the other teams’ second and third strings, but, he’s got that gusto that starting veteran quarterbacks like Rodgers and Brady possess.

The Vikings.

If I was coach, I’d start Trubisky and reevaluate my WR room. Bring back some players off of waivers. The Vikings will show to be a force but with Sitton and Long back, our Offense is top notch. We just need some WRs who are effective out of the gate and on shotguns. On the defense and with Danny Trevathan suspended for a few games, I expect some sleepers to show what they’re really made of. The good thing about our Defense is that they can play multiple positions. Versatility is key. Both offense and defense needs to switch it up. Throw the Vikings for a loop with Trubisky at the helm. Maybe Glennon could learn from the star rookie in the sections of athleticism and head-on-swivel mentality.  Only time will tell if Coach Fox values his position and wants to start winning games. If he does, he’ll start Trubisky.

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