This week we’re going to change up the format of the weekly recap. Change is good, change is fresh. So that being said let’s get into the main point. That being the Bears had their best chance of beating Green Bay in years on Sunday, and still came up short. There were struggles all across the board as the defense struggled in coverage, the defensive line was inconsistent with pressure and the offensive line more often than not allowed Green Bay to collapse the pocket. When Trubisky first took the helm there were flashes and hope that maybe the Bears could rise to a .500 record and possibly even a winning record.

The last few weeks have shown that Trubisky still has a ways to go until he is ready to lead a playoff team, and the team itself still needs work across the roster in order to support him. But just like the past handful of weeks, there were still enough flashes and enough positive clips to watch and be hopeful about the future.

The defense is still the backbone of this team, at least for now. Leonard Floyd, Adrian Amos, Nick Kwiatkowski and Kyle Fuller (other than one bad beat late in the game)are all young players that continue to show that they belong on the team and that as good as it is now the defense still isn’t even a finished project. The aforementioned all had good games against Green Bay and there are still other young guys who have shown well this season despite playing a minor role on Sunday (Eddie Jackson, Christian Jones, Cre’Von LeBlanc).

But we talk about the defense every week, and I told you that this recap would be different. And that’s because we need to talk more about Trubisky’s performance against Green Bay. It was arguably his strongest performance of the year. Maybe that’s because he finally got to air the ball out and make some throws, but it also just felt like he finally had some chemistry with his receivers (despite another week of some bad drops) and was making definitive decisions. One thing that stood out was Trubisky came out looking for new addition Dontrelle Inman, who came over from San Diego in a trade a few weeks back. Inman hauled in six of his eight targets for 88 yards and showed strong chemistry with Trubisky.

Overall Trubisky’s final line read as 21 completions on 35 attempts for 297 yards and a touchdown. Not too shabby. But again it goes deeper than the numbers, other than Inman Trubisky also had two completions to second-round pick Adam Shaheen which may not seem like much but is a definite improvement over the last few weeks, and there was less of a focus on the running game. Coming out of the bye we figured Trubisky would be unleashed a bit more and allowed to showcase himself and this first game back is a good sign.

So what’s next?

This week the Bears will welcome Matthew Stafford and the Lions to Soldier Field. It is a game that could easily turn into a shootout with the Lions boasting a high-powered offense and the Bears seemingly giving Trubisky the keys to the car. Obviously the lack of quality in the Bears receiving corps will hurt as it has all season but as long as Trubisky is making the throws and showing confidence we can’t be anything other than happy with his development thus far.

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