If there was ever any real debate about if John Fox should be the Bears coach next season then surely the lifeless display on Sunday helped him to sign his own death warrant.

After an embarrassing and humiliating performance on prime time verses the Green Bay Packers in Week four. The game against the Packers was perfectly set up for a Bears revenge win. They have had the bye week to prepare, the Packers had lost three and looked very poor against our divisional rival Detroit on Monday night. The Packers were coming to Chicago with a back-up Quarterback and looking void of confidence. It is always disappointing and frustrating watching your team lose to your biggest rival. In recent seasons, the Packers have had simply far too much talent in the games but Sunday was very different. The team looked unprepared and we were completely outcoached by Mike McCarthy and staff. The defense which has been very positive all season struggled, the running game struggled and Loggins and Fox struggled to come up with anything over than a flat and inept performance.

The best example of the complete incompetence of our side on Sunday was the fact the Bears were unable to run one red zone play against a defense allowing over three red zone trips per game over the last three weeks.

Statistics can be used to manipulate an argument but it is hard to defend Fox with the following. His record as coach is 12-29. They have lost twelve divisional games under his regime and looks set to secure the Bears another season rooted to the bottom of the NFC North.

Some may say that it is inevitable that John Fox will be relieved of his duties in the off-season. However, I don’t believe he deserve the privilege of the next seven weeks. He has made error after error during his reign. There has been a distinct lack of progress under him and whilst we are ripping up the coaching staff can we also ensure Dowell Loggins gets a cab out of Chicago too. There has been flickering lights of positivity this season with the defense standing up, Howard and Trubisky are two big pieces but there is one thing holding back this great franchise. It isn’t the lack of receivers it is the footballing dinosaur John Fox. He hasn’t moved with the times and has been left behind in times of more fluid attacking football than ever before. Each week you see teams run plays that are creative and aggressive in going for the wins but all too often the Bears are far too conservative and the responsibility has to land on the shoulders of Fox. It has been 3 seasons since he took charge and it has been poor throughout and I am sick and tired of the tepid performances and the shackles been placed on this team. The future is bright in Chicago but the future isn’t Fox.

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