The 2017 season needs to end as soon as possible and I can’t wait. There is only so many times you can recycle the same material about the Bears failings and the John Fox era. I think I speak for everyone when I say it seems impossible he will be on the staff next season. I have stated my preference to get rid of him instantly and not let him run this sorry season any further into the ground.

In some regards the defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles was as routine as you may expect and as a fan you can forgive several things such as injuries, playing against a team with a lot more quality etc. However, just like the Packers game, the team looked under-prepared which is inexcusable. Whilst the majority of the little success we have achieved this season has been down to the running game and the defense. However, the defense has struggled in recent weeks and haven’t been helped by the injury pile up but the offense is the main concern. An astonishing stat from Sunday shows the Bears had 6 total yards of rushing between Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen Benny Cunningham and Mitch Trubisky. That stat should embarrass the coaching staff even against a good run defense. Of course the offense hasn’t been helped by the recievers and the team still hasn’t had one player having 500 yards receiving. Kendall Wright is the closest with 345. To put that into context, Julio Jones had 253 on Sunday.

By looking at the remaining schedule it might seem a good opportunity to gain some wins against the 49ers, Browns, Bengals and with divisional match ups against the Lions and Vikings. Whilst on paper the schedule presents a real opportunity to get towards 6-10 which would probably be par for where this team is but there is also an opportunity to get beat by some of the worst sides in the NFL and suck any positivity away and lead towards anger and the real discussion about clearing out the front office. The 49ers will no doubt be giving a first start to Jimmy Garoppolo and despite the Bears being favourite I expect the 49ers to get the win. Also with this current coaching staff and momentum what are the chances that the Cleveland Browns strike the final nail into a miserable season and get their first win?

The Bears have never fired a coach during a season. We can only hope they break that record as any optimism and good feeling towards what looked to be a roster showing promise and shoots of recovery are in danger of being terminally damaged. In my opinion Fox should have gone after the Packers game, it looks inconceivable at this point that he will keep the job so why are we giving him the privilege to ride the season out? If the Bears fall to another defeat in Soldier field on Sunday that should be the last we see of Fox as is this insufferable relationship has gone on far too long. #FireFox



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