First of all, the front office at Halas Hall needs to hold a meeting like yesterday on the future of the Bears franchise. Coach Fox seriously doesn’t “give a rip” about his future with one of the oldest franchises in the NFL. And, frankly, he doesn’t care about the men who play for him either. Actions speak volumes and everyone around the NFL sees it. The only ones that don’t are sitting in that front office at Halas.
          The Chicago Bears were great in the early years and as late as 2006 when they made a Super Bowl appearance under HC Lovie Smith and GM Jerry Angelo. The McCaskeys were the owners as they are now but one thing has certainly changed: embarrassment. Embarrassing is the word of the season if there isn’t change. The McCaskeys don’t like to be embarrassed and the coaching staff is doing what they can to do just that. George and Virginia McCaskey need to take matters into their own hands if the front office doesn’t make a change and make it quick.  
          The franchise is losing not just games, but, their covitted fan base, as well. The die-hards are even at the end of their ropes. Season ticket holders are placing their tickets up for sale. More so than in prior seasons. The Fox Era is dead. The players can’t seem to stay healthy. Some key players are still playing injured when they should be on IR getting fixed up for next season. There are fights at Halas. This needs to stop and GM Ryan Pace either needs to control his team or let QB Mitchell Trubisky control them. That is one of the many jobs of the starting QB; to know his players. They clearly can’t count on their coaches to curb the emotions of a very passionate team.  
          Emotions run high when any team loses in the NFL. These athletes don’t get paid to lose and look like fools out on the field. Their FA chances dwindle when they appear to be incompetent of playing football for the NFL. These men are football playing machines at Halas Hall and need to be treated as such. What do you do when a machine goes down? Replace or repair it. That’s what you do.
          A lot of commentators say that the Bears need WRs. This is true. But, they let most of their Receiver Corps go after training camp and pre-season. The front office didn’t factor in injuries and penalties that happen to players in the NFL. If I was Ryan Pace, I’d be on the horn to Victor Cruz to offer him his job back. Merideth will be back next season but there are a few players that will be up for FA that may not wish to sign again with the Bears if there isn’t change within the organization.
          Now, if I was HC, I’d know my players on and off the field. They’re human first and foremost. They have their own unique personalities and point of view. Their minds are their own and the brain can be injured just as well as the body. The human body and mind can only endure so much before they shut themselves down. Playing injured will only shorten a player’s time in the NFL. And, as a result, reek havoc on their mental state. As a player ages, he doesn’t heal quickly like he did his first year in the league. His mental state is different than when he was younger, as well. The coaching staff need to know how to read their players and not just calls and plays on the field.
          To be better on the field, a player needs to be better off the field. Mechanics and mindfulness are key. The one major take away from my days learning Sports Management is that data never lies. How well a player performs on the field is directly tied to how well a player is handling his own off the field. Never take your work home and never take your home to work. If a player’s mind isn’t right, he needs a day to cool off and regroup. The difference between a physical machine and a player machine is that a player machine holds emotion and thought processes inside. Just not data.
          Final thought is this:. Change your staff before looking at the talented players in the locker room. A machine is only as good as the one controlling it. Bear down!  

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  1. Dan Calhoun

    November 28, 2017 at 9:22 PM

    Great insight as to the situation of our BEARS. – Dan

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