When it comes to the Fire, there’s many room for improvement, and that’s every club. The Fire entered 2017 with a bang, with many expecting them to win the supporter shield and be in the finals for the MLS Cup, none of that happened. the second half of the season Chicago Fire took a dip in their form, not only that but they still haven’t figured out how to dominate in away games. The Fire struggled heavily in away games which cost them most of their points, now at home Chicago Fire were tough to beat, sadly it wasn’t like that in the playoffs, losing 4-0 to New York Redbulls.

Now the Fire made the playoffs for the first time since 2012, that’s an accomplishment, it’s a rebuilding stage, it takes time for a team to start winning titles, but the Fire are stepping in the right direction. Chicago has last held the MLS Cup in 1998, as an expansion club, coached by Bob Bradley.

The Fire reached their goals for the 2017 season, the playoff sure wasn’t pretty, but they reached it.

A tough loss during the Fire’s offseason was the departure of Portuguese defender, Joao Meira, who was key to the Fires defense since his arrival. Now we know the offseason is going to have a lot of transfers, but this is one not even me saw coming.


Now that Meira is gone who will take his place? Now, that’s tough for someone to fill that gap. Only ones who can is Jonathan Campbell or Christian Dean. Now, in the 2016 season, Matt Polster played as a defensive midfielder and Johan Kappelhof played as a right-back. I believe Kappelhof plays to his full potential as a right-back and Polster would play great alongside Dax McCarty. It would be good if they went back to using Johan on the side and have Polster and Dax in midfield.


With the Fire losing such an important player in the defense, the Fire are going to have to react quickly and either bring in someone to fill that gap, or change positions.

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