At this point in free agency, anything can happen.As soon as the free agents filed, I would’ve bet all my money that the Cubs would sign Alex Cob. Now on Wednesday, December 27th he’s still a free agent. With an asking price of 18+ million a year for 4-5 years, I don’t think anybody will sign him. So once he lowers his price to around 12-15 million, the Cubs would be more interested. The Cubs should also be the favorites to sign Cobb, but once again, only if the price is right.

The rumors that developed for the Machado trade, involved trading off pitcher Mike Montgomery. Montgomery said that if he isn’t going to be a starting pitcher in 2018, he will want to play elsewhere, so if he is being brought up in trade talk, they might as well just say they’re signing another starter. It’s pretty obvious at this point.

The Cubs are also now seen a dominate favorites to sign the 31 year-old Yu Darvish. Some people have said Darvish is looking for around a 6-7 year deal paying him 25 million dollars a year. Jake Arrieta should get around 200 million so signing Darvish would save us around 25-30 million dollars.

When you read about Darvish, you can’t skip over his injury history.  He missed the entire 2015 season, and parts of the 2016 season due to a Tommy John surgery on his pitching arm. His right arm. But even with the injuries, and surgery, Yu Darvish averaged a 94.2 mph fastball throughout 2017 which is the best of his career. Last season he was 10-12 combined with both the Rangers and Dodgers, and had an ERA of 3.86 to go along with his 10.08 strikeouts per nine innings.

After getting traded to the Dodgers, Darvish had nine starts, winning four games and losing three.  Most people will remember his 2017 season by the postseason, when he had an ERA of 21.60 in his two starts, pitching 3 1/3 innings in the World Series. He started game three, and gave up four runs in just 1.2 innings. He followed that up with another 1.2 inning start in game seven also giving up four runs.

But despite the poor performances in the World Series, he is still my number one free agent on the Cubs list. So sorry Mike Montgomery, but the Cubs won’t need you to be a starter, so if you “need” to be a stater, then expect to be traded elsewhere. But I hope Theo and Jed will cure the problem, and sign a starter, and maybe even re-sign Wade Davis.

Picture:  Rebilas/ USA Today

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