After firing John Fox and conducting interviews with various candidates, the Chicago Bears have hired Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy to be their new head coach. The 39-year-old Nagy led his Chiefs offensive unit to 375 yards per game and 25.9 points per game in 2017, numbers good for fifth and sixth in the league respectively.

For comparison’s sake the 2017 Bears were 30th in yards per game and 29th in points per game.

One of the biggest reasons to be excited about Nagy is that he is an offensive mind perfect for helping Mitchell Trubisky reach his full potential. There will be no more games with just seven or twelve pass attempts, Trubisky will be asked to throw and throw a lot. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith’s fewest pass attempts in a game under Nagy? 21. Smith only attempted fewer than 30 passes in a game twice in 2017.

Furthermore, Nagy was the quarterbacks coach in Kansas City from 2013-2016 before becoming the offensive coordinator and has been a key component of Smith reinventing himself and turning his career around. Smith had career highs in yards and touchdowns in 2017 while also leading the league in passer rating. With a young Trubisky already having shown flashes of great play those statistics should make Bears fans drool.

So what’s next?

With the head coach in place now we wait and see how Nagy fills out the rest of the staff. We know Ryan Pace would like to keep incumbent defensive coordinator Vic Fangio aboard, and since he’s constructed a top-ten unit that’s a no-brainer. But with reports of Fangio possibly wanting to head out West the look of the staff is at a critical point right now. We should also be keeping a close eye on who Nagy brings aboard to fill out his offensive staff. Will he try and poach some lower coaches from the Eagles and Rams staffs? How many coaches will he bring over from Kansas City?

Once the coaching staff is filled out it’ll be time for Nagy to start answering questions, how will he transform the offense? How will he help Trubisky succeed? Who does he already like as far as playmakers go? What did he learn after the Chiefs were shut out in the second half of their Wild Card game against Tennessee?

Overall Grade: B+

Like anything in the NFL it is hard to judge someone in a new position until they actually perform. Nagy certainly passes the eye test and fits the bill of young, offensive-minded coach. But there will be questions about certain aspects of his Chiefs tenure and getting the right supporting cast in place over the next week or so is critical. Overall though this seems like a great hire and Bears fans won’t have to feel like they are watching a stone-age offense anymore. Nagy seems like a great fit with Trubisky and what he did for the Kansas City offense in 2017 certainly gives him a lot of credibility. Chicago can finally be excited about their offense, something we haven’t said in a while.

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