The Organization

So we were able to hear from the Chicago Bears new head coach yesterday, even though Jon Gruden’s introduction overshadowed Matt Nagy’s, I was very impressed with a lot of the things he said. As I mentioned in previous articles I know Nagy has been play calling for the Chiefs and he quickly acknowledged that he was going to continue this duty with the Bears. My favorite part of the press conference as a whole was the number of times he mentioned and praised the Chicago Bears Organization, as a fan we thrive on this passion and the history of this team and for a new coach to come in and immediately let us know he respects us is a big deal. Nagy mentioned how the Bears even called and sympathized with the playoff loss and let him know if he needed more time to clear his head they understood, this is the kind of team a person should want to work for and he stated that repeatedly. Nagy even mentioned that this made him want to come to Chicago even earlier and get to work. This is what the Bears need, eagerness and egoless confidence. Nagy mentions that one of the things he noticed right away was “how easy it’s going to be for us to have a partnership” when talking about Ryan Pace.

The Scheme

I noticed a lot of honesty in the press conference which is huge to me, I don’t want a person coming in who has never been a head coach acting as if it’s going to be easy, Nagy clearly states it will be hard work and there will be ups and downs but he is confident good things are coming and he is excited with the direction this team is headed. Many questions were asked about Vic Fangio, the scheme he is planning on running and if the defense is a large part of that. Personally, from the answers it seemed he isn’t for or against Vic, he several times stated that the decision of DC would be addressed and handled as soon as all of “this” is done and over. Nagy mentions that he wasn’t even sure he would keep a 3-4 defense, says that a lot of the game is run on a sub defense and he even saw some teams doing that for the entirety of games, and seems like an even front on the defense is what he prefers. Obviously, the draft would be affected by this decision and he clearly understands that, so as fans what do we prefer? I feel like our defense just started to click again last year and I’m not sure if switching it up, would be in the best interest of the team but if Nagy wants to run an offensive leading team with Trubisky then the direction of the free agency and the draft would change drastically.


The Quarterback

Personally, I really like Trubisky, I like the glimpses of goodness he showed us this year and I think he has the potential to be built off of. Nagy seemed to agree as he mentions Mitch Trubisky was definitely part of the reason he came to Chicago (although it wasn’t all of the reason). “Trubisky is a benefit” Nagy states and then goes on to talk about how he worked with Mitch in the combine and knows a lot about him, he likes what he saw but he said that football is a team game and every position is equal in ranking. I absolutely love this statement because so many teams now want to put all of the pressure on the quarterback, all of the mistakes on the quarterback and it’s important to emphasize how every position could alter the success of another position. Nagy pressed hard into how important honesty and trust is between coaches and the quarterback, how drastically beneficial over communication is. One of my favorite quotes from this press conference is when he said “When you fail to communicate there is grey area and when there is grey area, bad things happen” this may sound a bit obvious to some people but clearly after this last season in Chicago and around the entire NFL it was very obvious when there were miscommunications between players and coaches. This is when big plays are given up or we see the frustration on the sideline, which is one of the major things you want to avoid because when your team’s sideline gets rustled the opposing team feeds off of that negative energy.

The Confidence

Matt Nagy seemed to be confident in a lot of things that come along with this job. Including his play calling ability, how his playing career (which I didn’t know he had) impacts his ability to coach and his leadership skills with the intentions of growing with the Bears organization. Nagy later in the press conference says that since high school he knew he wanted to coach football and through his journey of coaching he learned how to not only be a better coach but a better person and a better man. He relates this to the players and how the relationship with every player is different and the connection you have with each individual person is crucial. He talks about his confidence in taking this position and how after a rough playoff loss he knew the biggest day of his life was the next day and he was ready for the challenge. The gist of this interview or at least what I got out of it was he sees this team going places and wants to be the one to take them there. He jokes, in the beginning, saying “Da Bears” and it sounded natural coming from him. The Chicago Bears, Ryan Pace, and Coach Nagy have some work to do and I know I am not the only one who is excited to see the changes heading our way.


-Taylor S Doll

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