Having too many good players has always been a pretty good problem to have. Except when you’re trying to pick between a 31 year old center fielder who hit .300 last season, and a 23 year old future superstar. The 23 year old future superstar is Cubs center fielder Albert Almora Jr, and the 31 year old center fielder is free agent Lorenzo Cain.

   In 2017 Cain had 175 hits with the Royals, finishing with a batting average of .300.He’s a great center fielder with decent speed, who hasn’t hit leadoff since 2014. He could take the role of Dexter Fowler from the 2016 season, if he steps into the leadoff spot that the Cubs are avidly looking to fill.

  On the other hand Albert Almora Jr has played one full MLB season, and he has compiled a career batting average of .292 with 11 home runs. He has stellar defense with great base running, as he proved in game seven of the 2016 World Series when he tagged up from first after Bryant’s fly out to the warning track in the 10th inning. But he rarely steals bases, totaling up one stolen base in 2017, as opposed to Cain’s 26 stolen bases.

  Personally, I like Lorenzo Cain, but not well enough to sign him, and trade away Almora. Almora has great potential to become one of the top players on the Cubs. People will argue that the Cubs need to have a more “win now” approach, and not worry about the future, but Almora can give you both. He can most definitely help the Cubs win in 2018. So it’s not like the “future star” will have to wait 2-3 years before he can produce, because his time is now.

Then again, with Schwarber in left field, maybe we can move Almora to left and get rid of him. But would you really want to be the guy who traded Schwarber, who now looks to be in the best shape of his life, and risk the chance of him being a superstar elsewhere. Plus Heyward is in right, and not really looking to be moved. Unless it’s to center field, which isn’t helping the case at all.But no matter what, the Cubs will contend for the World Series only if we sign another starting pitcher.

   So is it actually smart to sign Cain? Let us know how you feel about the topic in the comments below. Thanks for reading.


  1. Brian

    January 10, 2018 at 7:41 PM

    Go get Cain!! He is exactly what the Cubs need right now. He has a good stick and great defense. Then we could use a few of the youger guys to land a cost controlled pitcher.

  2. Ryan Sauers

    January 12, 2018 at 5:19 AM

    If they can bring him cheap,I’m all for it. At the same time,I am a huge Almora fan! I think,they would still be fine sticking with Albert as an every day center fielder. Hate to see them spend to much. That crop of free agents next year is AWESOME!

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