Through this last season, the Bears have made it clear that they want to try and make Mitch Trubisky the focal point of this team. The hiring of Mark Helfrich has confirmed that. Helfrich worked under Chip Kelly in Oregon as offensive coordinator, and although he did not play call under Kelly, he did set the tempo for the fast-paced offense that was enforced. While working under Chip Kelly from 2009-2012, Helfrich ran a quick, spread offense. That spread was incorporated in Andy Reid’s Kansas City offense which clarifies one of the many reasons Nagy chose Helfrich. Mark Helfrich then moved to head coach of Oregon in 2013 where he was 37-16 over four seasons. In those four seasons, Oregon averaged 42.6 points per game and 536.7 yards per game which ranked second and third among FBS schools. Over that time span, Helfrich lead Oregon to consecutive Bowl games, including a National Championship in the 2014 season. This was until Mariota entered the draft and the team sort of collapsed.

All that leads to another reason the Bears want Helfrich, because of the work and success he showed with Marcus Mariota at the helm. Mariota averaged 3,599 yards in his 3 seasons at Oregon, throwing 105 touchdowns and only 14 interceptions; his passer rating for that time was 171.8. Mariota entered the draft after his junior year where he was selected second overall. Nagy quickly stated he would be play calling, so Helfrich’s main task will be to work with our young and upcoming QB. Speaking of, Trubisky also ran that spread offense in his 13 games at North Carolina so Helfrich shouldn’t have a hard time getting him back into the flow with that type of offense. Although he will not be making the calls, he can assist Nagy in some responsibilities of the head coach position considering this is Nagy’s first HC spot. Helfrich has had some experience as being the head coach at a program but everyone knows that college and the pros are two different worlds. Although Helfrich has spent 20 years coaching, this is his first time working for the NFL, so he has much to learn himself about the professional level of the game.

Nagy seemed to have had a trend as the other three coaches he has hired Charles London, Chris Tabor, and Harry Hiestand were all former Bears coaches that worked under Lovie Smith. Helfrich will be the first coach hired who did not work under Lovie. Although Nagy and the organization seem confident in the ability of Mark Helfrich, what he can accomplish with Trubisky and the offense will be the telling point of this organization excelling to what we all want them to be. As everyone can see, Nagy is not taking his time when it comes to finding the people he wants. He is ready to get this team going and in my opinion, he is doing an incredible job thus far.


-Also, in most recent breaking news Vic Fangio has agreed to stay a Chicago Bear, a three-year contract per source.

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