After the recent glut of coaching changes on the offense, there is a sense of excitement in the air and whilst it is clear that the receiving core needs an injection of fresh talent but there is one area I believe could see an upturn in fortunes.

Adam Shaheen finished his rookie season with 12 receptions, for 127 yards and 3 touchdowns across 13 games and showed flashes of his ability. With the new appointment of tight ends coach Kevin Gilbride from the New York Giant and Matt Nagy as the head coach it could be hugely beneficial for Shaheen. Both of the coaches have pedigree with tight ends. Last season for example Evan Engram had a break out year with the Giants and quickly established himself as one of the brightest tight ends around. 722 yards and 6 touchdowns in a team that struggled like the Bears is pretty impressive.

Let’s also not forget Nagy in his previous role at Kansas City Chiefs worked with one of the best tight ends in the league. Kelce had 1028 yards and 8 touchdowns. This meant he has gone back to back seasons with over a 1000 yards. Nagy used Kelce creatively and often moved him around to get the best results. There are obvious similarities between Shaheen and Kelce especially in terms of physicality. Shaheen is 6 foot 6 and 270 pounds compared to Kelce at 6 foot 5 and 240 pounds. Nagy used the physicality of Kelce to create mismatches all over the field and I expect him to do the same with Shaheen.

So whilst people will inevitably look at the receivers that can be acquired through free agency and the draft to provide the new offensive coaching staff and Trubisky with the tools to compete, I believe with the hire of Gilbride and Nagy, the next season could show a growing role for Adam Shaheen and there is no reason he can’t be the next breakout star.

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