A week ago today Max Wildstein posted a tweet saying,”Yu Darvish has reportedly narrowed down his potential landing sports to #Rangers, #Yankees, #Cubs, #Astros and #Twins, per .’ Then three hours later, Yu Darvish replied to the tweet saying, “I know one more team is in.” So there is another team in the mix that hasn’t been officially named, but it is thought to be the Angels. But if I remember correctly, I recall Shohei Ohtani saying he didn’t want to play with another Japanese star, so I don’t know how that would work out to well. And the Astros basically removed themselves by trading for Gerrit Cole.

No matter who the last team is, the Cubs are one of the six teams, and have a good chance to sign the 31 year-old starting pitcher. The Cubs current rotation is 1-Jon Lester, 2-Kyle Hendricks, 3-Jose Quintana, 4-Tyler Chatwood and as of right now the fifth spot is vacant, unless the Cubs fill Mike Montgomerys requests and make him a starter (hopefully they don’t). They would love to sign Darvish, and attempt to win their second World Series in three years.

Today the Cubs resigned pitcher Brian Duensing, who had the best year of his career in 2017. I was hoping another team would sign him so we could get a younger guy, but the 35 year old should be able to do the job for two more years. He signed for two years, seven million dollars.

Most articles that I have read, say that Darvish will probably want a six year 120 million dollar deal, but I was hoping the Cubs could sign him for four years around $80-90 million, which could still be a possibility.  Just remember all of the Darvish rumors depend on what happens with former Cy Young Award winner Jake Arrieta. Will he resign? Will he leave? I guess we will have to wait and see.

So in the end if the Cubs sign Yu Darvish what does it really mean? It means we won’t have to give Montgomery the starter job, and we won’t have to worry about resigning Jake Arrieta (even though I want him back).  It also means we will have better odds to become World Series Champions again, with a pretty good starting rotation.

On a side note, we won’t have to worry about the pirates for a while, after they traded pitcher Gerrit Cole to the Astros, and center fielder Andrew McCutchen to the Giants. Officially starting their own rebuild after having losing seasons in 2016 and 2017.


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