Every Bulls game, I’ll present to you “The Top 3”, which is the 3 biggest takeaways of the game. It could be a player, a coach, Benny the Bull, or a Jordan Bell Golden State highlight (will NEVER get old).
Tonight: Warriors vs Bulls.

First, let’s start off with that. I include the Jordan Bell Golden State highlight piece because I think he’s a hell of a player and someone I really enjoy watching play. I was upset when the Bulls sold him, and I don’t think it was the right decision (probably never will think that either). Jordan Bell went down with an injury on the first bucket of the game, so prayers up to him and let’s hope it’s not serious.

The Golden State Warriors took down the Chicago Bulls Wednesday night by a score of 119-112. Klay Thompson had 38 points, while Steph Curry chipped in with 30 points and 9 rebounds. Kevin Durant finished with a solid 18/9/7 game. The Bulls’ leading scorer was Nikola Mirotic who had 24 points in 27 minutes on 9/13 shooting. It was also a tough night for Zach LaVine, who finished with 5 points on 2/12 shooting. He did, however, dunk for the first time with the Bulls. Kris Dunn had 16 points, 4 assists, 5 rebounds, and a couple of chipped teeth.

Let’s hope Kris Dunn is okay as his health is pretty crucial to the Bulls’ success. It was a pretty hard fall and I hope he doesn’t miss too much time (if any).

Speaking of hard falls, how many of you saw Benny the Bull completely wipe out during the game?

If you didn’t, then here you go, and you’re welcome.

That’s the greatest mascot in the world and I also hope he is okay.

Now on to The Top 3.

1.) Nikola Mirotic: Should he stay or should he go?

Mirotic had another strong outing finishing with 24 points in 27 minutes. He shot 4/7 from 3 point range and was feeling it all night. He even jumped over KD before nailing a 3 pointer in the 2nd.

His value is the highest it’s been since maybe his rookie year and the front office is probably banking on trading him soon. Reports say that the Bulls don’t want to trade him unless they get a 1st round pick in return. Hey Cleveland, that Brooklyn pick looks pretty good to us.

2.) Lauri Markkanen’s Shots

Now that Zach LaVine is back, it’ll be interesting to see how LaVine, Dunn, and Markkanen split up their shots. Markkanen ended up with 12 shots in the game, but most of them were not great scoring opportunities. It may wind up being just a 1 game fluke but with two playmakers like Dunn and LaVine, Lauri should ideally be getting 14-17 shots a game, with a majority of them being good, if not great, looks. There were a couple of instances in the game when the Warriors would switch either Curry or Thompson onto Markkanen. The Bulls need to recognize this and feed Lauri the ball in the post, who can easily back down and shoot over the smaller defender. Lauri can get buckets in a hurry, so getting him involved early and often will help set a good tone for the game and really open up the offense.

3.) The Biggest L of the Night Goes To: Steph Curry

As soon as I saw this play happen, I knew this was going to be a part of my Top 3.

Here’s another look:

lol Lauri Markkanen was just elected new Mayor of Chicago.

Bulls play the Hawks in Atlanta Saturday.

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