It’s very easy to throw the words “bust” and “waste of a first-round draft pick” around when you haven’t been able to see a player produce because of injuries. I know by reading that first sentence the majority of you can already guess who I am talking about, Kevin White. The Chicago Bears nation was hyped when they called his name for the 7th pick in the 2015 draft, little did we know it would be a very rocky road for White and the organization over the next few years. White who missed his entire rookie season with a shin injury and only played in 4 games during the 2016 season because of a broken fibula, soon turned Chicago fans into a bit of worry. In 2017, White fractured his shoulder in the opener against the Falcons and I think we all cried a little bit. The questions obviously begin with money; will it be a waste of money to get rid of him this year? Do we trust that he can stay healthy and even beyond that produce with this offense and Trubisky?

Coach Nagy likes a quick offense and I think White can excel in this type of play, as we saw while he was in West Virginia, getting open and up deep in the field was definitely a strength. The Bears are working on making Trubisky the focal point and we have seen glimpses this year of how quick Mitch can get rid of the ball and accurately, unfortunately, we didn’t have the type of receivers that are capable of doing the work in the open field like Kevin is. In the 5 games, White played in for the Bears he only had a total of 21 receptions for 193 yards, 19 of those receptions were in the 4 games during the 2016 season. Not statistics that make a fan confident that a return is the most valid idea for the team when the downfall of the season for has been the core receiving. Yet I think we all hold onto a little hope that he is what we all thought he was during the build-up to his draft year. Even the following year as the 2016 training camp was taking place there was a lot of talk about the ability of Kevin White with Jay Cutler and how he was the answer we needed to sum up the skill positions.

On the other hand, money is another issue that is floating around. According to Spotrac the bears owe White$ 5,270,060 for 2018 so releasing him would be throwing the money and possibly a star receiver out the window. Honestly, I am stressed out while typing this because I’m ready for some big numbers in the receiving end, I’m worn out from injuries and IR updates but I do have some confidence in a Nagy and White relationship, IF HE CAN STAY HEALTHY. How many times can we say that though? Entering in his 4th year with a 5th-year option I have no idea what the Bears plan on doing but I personally hope it’s for the future of the team and the building they are currently in the midst of. I see really great things ahead and I would love for Kevin White to be a part of that, some kind of crazy “Bust THEN Must” story?

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