All right Cubs fans, I know that right now we kind of have our hearts set on signing Yu Darvish (even though that gets less likely with every passing day that he doesn’t sign) but, what if, we take just a moment to consider signing someone else.

We can all agree that the Cubs want a top-of-the-rotation kind of guy to complement Lester, Quintana, Hendricks, Chatwood, and Montgomery (who would be the sometimes 6th starter and pitch out of the pen).  Since at this point the Darvish signing looks bleak, and there has yet to be a response from Arietta, maybe it’s time for the Cubs start entertaining the possibility of signing a lesser-known starter.

The best possible guy for the job would be Lance Lynn (RHP) who has pitched for St. Louis since the 2011 season.  I know Cubs fans aren’t usually keen on Cardinals players but hear me out.  Looking at the numbers, he makes sense for the Cubs.  Last year Lynn’s WAR (Wins Above Replacement) number was 2.8 which is decent for a starting pitcher (by comparison Arrieta’s was 1.9 and Darvish was 3.8 for 2017).  He has been consistent with an ERA averaging in the mid-three’s and a strike out to walk ratio in the mid two’s.  Oh, and he has post season experience-that’s always a plus.

The righty was reportedly asking for a 5-year $100 million-dollar contract.  I doubt that the Cubs would be willing to pay that much.  With big name starters like Arrieta and Darvish holding out, it is more likely that Lynn would fall somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-year $60 million-dollar range, which would be a bargain for the Cubs considering what they would get in return.

It is obvious that Lynn would not be a headliner at Wrigley.  It’s true that Lynn isn’t going to put people in the seats the same way Darvish, or even Arietta would, but he would do something more important, he would put wins in the win column.


Stats from the Sporting News.


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