Recently the 2018-19 Super Bowl odds were released and what the Bears were hit with were the second worst odds at 99-1.

Looking at the Bears 5-11 record it isn’t crazy to agree with that on first glance.

But then you dig deeper and see that it isn’t outlandish for the Bears to be a playoff team next year.

With Matt Nagy and Mark Helfrich in charge of the offense Mitch Trubisky and co. are primed to take off and show the league that they have all the capabilities of being a high-powered unit.

Furthermore we know the defense is already in place and with Vic Fangio returning as well they will continue to climb after already establishing themselves as a top-ten defense.

As long as Ryan Pace can make the right moves in free agency and draft at least two players who can contribute immediately it’s not crazy to think that the Bears can compete for a playoff spot despite being in the ultra-competitive NFC North.

Now this isn’t to say that the Bears will be championship contenders or even a playoff team but giving them them the second-worst odds at the big game just in front of the Browns is crazy talk. The Bears showed all the makings of being a very good team and with general improvement expected across the roster this team will improve in the wins column.

There will be growing pains for sure, and that is to be expected with a young team on the rise. But this is a team that can get nine wins at least. On the back of the defense, Jordan Howard and Trubisky’s improvement under Nagy the Bears will be exciting to watch and it will become clear as the season wears on that the Bears are more of a playoff threat than originally thought.

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