It’s official:  at 8:56 am on Thursday, February 8, 2018, the Milwaukee Brewers declared war on the Chicago Cubs and their fans.

The Brewers posted an announcement via their Twitter account that alleged, “It’s not that we dislike Cubs fans, per se. We just really prefer Brewers fans.”  This statement was followed by a link to where Brewers fans have access to purchase pre-sale tickets for the first 10 home games against the Cubs.  The kicker is that those tickets are limited to Wisconsin residents only.

By offering tickets exclusively to Brewers fans first, the Brewers want their players to perform in front of a “home” crowd at Miller Park.  That means that they would prefer that their players compete in their home ballpark for a majority of fans that support the home team; not the opposition.

The fact that Cubs fans travel to other ballparks to cheer on their team isn’t a new thing.  The Cubbies have always traveled well.  Each ballpark that the Cubs visit while on the road benefits from an influx in ticket sales, however, in recent years Miller Park has been nearly taken over by Cubs fans.  The phenomenon has reached such a point that Miller Park has been dubbed “Wrigley Field North” due to the hordes of Cubs fans who make the short 90-mile trip from Chicago.

In a statement released to the media regarding the sale, the Brewers declared that, “The Crew wants Miller Park to be filled with loud and proud Wisconsin fans when they cheer on the boys of summer against their division foe this year.”

From the Brewers point of view, this sentiment is understandable.  However, there may be a problem with that statement—the Cubs already have a division rival; and it’s not the Milwaukee Brewers.  Cubs fans are familiar with the rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Most fans would agree that the bad blood started in the 1964 Lou Brock trade (although many would argue that the dislike started before then).

Now it seems like the Brewers want to get in on the action.  Only time will tell if the strategy works in favor of the Brew-Crew or if it backfires.  Regardless, the Cubs do not seem overly worried.  In true Twitter-war fashion, the Cubs responded with a tweet of their own declaring that “EVERYBODY” can purchase Cubs tickets beginning on February 23.  #thatscub


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