The National Football League is an ongoing business that seems to wholeheartedly take on the concept, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Players are constantly being cut, let go and recycled elsewhere. The reason for a player’s unsuccess with a team can vary from injuries to just not having the skill set to succeed in the NFL. The Chicago Bears General Manager, Ryan Pace, the front office, and the coaching staff have quite the list of players to choose from this year. Their job will be to decipher the difference between who isn’t good and who haven’t reached their potential. Let’s look at a few free agent (FA) targets that are available that haven’t really been mentioned.


Tyler Bray:

The backup QB position will be addressed and you can almost guarantee Mike Glennon is out of Chicago. Mark Sanchez, whose pure football knowledge makes him invaluable, is set to be a free agent as well. So, what will they do? Let’s resign Sanchez who’s price tag should remain small considering how many “potential starting QB’s” are available via free agency and the draft. A potential QB3 to keep your eye on is Tyler Bray. He has not been a mainstream guy by any means, but there is a connection in the sense that Matt Nagy has experience with him. Another young QB in the building would not hurt either.



Kamar Aiken:

Yes, we have all heard the obvious answers at wide receiver of Allen Robinson and Jarvis Landry, but let’s dig a little deeper. Guys like Paul Richardson, Marquise Lee, and Donte Moncrief have all been mentioned as well! But, let’s dig A LITTLE DEEPER!

If you’ve played fantasy football at all I’m sure you’ve heard the name Kamar Aiken plenty. All the potential he possessed and what not. I am a full believer in everything he’s capable of. His speed, big body, and route running ability have the potential to be elite. Nagy and his system could work for his skill set better than the teams he’s played for in the past. He may be a cheap option for the Bears to add some depth.


Cornelius Lucas:

Let’s address the need at Tackle. 6’9” 328lbs. For a guy so large, Cornelius Lucas can move. The former Detroit Lion would be a nice addition of depth to a scarce pool of guys that can actually play the position. He’s a young guy (26) and he’s been in the starting position before. Could be someone to keep your eye on.


Draft plans, Free agency plans, and impending cuts are all factors that come in to play during the offseason. Who ACTUALLY knows what Ryan Pace is going to do, but it sure is fun to pretend to be the General Manager.

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