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With the NFL combine upon us next week and the NFL Draft to follow in April, I look back at the promising rookie season from last year’s 2nd overall pick, Mitchell Trubisky. With only 13 career starts under his belt in college at North Carolina, the Bears felt enough conviction to trade up a spot and take Trubisky with the 2nd pick in 2017. He was the first QB off of the board in a draft with other highly rated QBs Pat Mahomes and Deshaun Watson who were taken 10th and 12th respectively. After a promising rookie campaign, I dive into Trubisky’s top 3 traits that have many Bears fans feeling like they finally have the franchise quarterback they always dreamed of in Chicago.

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1) Good Decision Making – At only 23 years old, Mitchell Trubisky has 12 games of NFL experience under his belt and Mitchell took care of the ball more often than not in his first NFL season. With 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in 330 pass attempts, Mitchell made good decisions on a consistent basis. With recent former QBs Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman, the good always came with the bad and it seemed inevitable that the Bears would end up on wrong side of the turnover battle. In his first season under center in 2017, Trubisky finished as the highest rated rookie QB according to Pro Football Focus where he edged out Deshaun Watson. Mitchell did all of this with a receiving corps that lacked talent and was ravaged with injuries. In 2018, most expect Trubisky to have new weapons at wide receiver and for him take the next step in his development into a top tier NFL QB.

2) Mobility is Key– In today’s NFL, being a mobile QB is almost a necessity unless you’re named Tom Brady. With 41 rushes for 248 yards and 2 TDs, Trubisky showed the awareness to use his athletic ability when necessary and escape the pressure of opposing defenses. He has the ability to burn defenses through the air and with his legs. With more repetitions under center he will be tough for defensive coordinators across the league to game plan against for years to come.

3) Tru Owns the Locker Room– He’s got many nicknames in the Bears locker room including Mitch, Tru, Biscuit, Mr. Biscuit, Pretty Boy Assassin and more, but one thing that is certain is that he is well respected by the entire locker room. His work ethic was applauded instantly by early November arrival Dontrelle Inman and he’s known as a leader who’s been willing to work with veterans and soak in as much knowledge as he can. There is no question that the quarterback needs to be the leader of the football team in the NFL and Trubisky took over that role on day one after being named starter. Having a team that believes in their leader and is excited to go to battle with that leader, will ultimately lead to a team that puts more Ws in the win column in the future.

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