Thanks in large part to the acquisition of young talented players, the Cubs are not bogged down with guys who are hitting only from the right side of the plate.  One of the key features of the Cubs offensive is that there are threats from both sides of the dish.   The Cubs are one of only a few teams in the league that have the flexibility to put a balanced offensive lineup on the field every day.  That fact plays into the hands of manager Joe Maddon perfectly.

Maddon has been described as eccentric more than once, but regardless of how you describe him, he gets the most out of his players and he gets the job done.  Maddon has never subscribed to the traditional baseball “playbook” in the sense that he does not have “every day” players.  Maddon uses the platoon system better than most and, in doing so, is able to engage his players while keeping opposing teams off balance.

This offensive flexibility also allows the “Mad Genius” to get creative with defensive alignments.  The Cubs have a slew of players that can play multiple positions and play them well.  Apart from 1st baseman, Anthony Rizzo, every Cub position player will most likely see time at multiple positions.  While this tactic may be unsettling to veterans, it seems that it plays right into the diverse skill set of our young team by allowing starters to get ample rest throughout the season and keeping the role-players off the bench sharp.

All of this adds up to a balanced offense that keeps opposing pitchers off-balance by allowing Maddon to use players in situations where they have the best chance to succeed.  Couple that with a team-first mentality and it adds up to playing deep into the post season.


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