Some of the questions that were answered in Part 1 of this series include:

  • Are the Bulls bad enough to finish in the bottom 5?
  • Should the Bulls re-sign David Nwaba?
  • Do the Bulls have the best ‘City’ jerseys in the league? (In one word: yes)

Part 2 will include questions such as:

  • What is Zach LaVine’s ceiling?
  • Where will the New Orleans pick land?
  • Most importantly, who is the best ping-pong player on the Bulls?

Let’s get right to it.

#12: What does the future hold for Bobby Portis?

So, let me get this straight, Bobby Portis punched Niko, but Niko is the one who leaves? If I were the front office, I would re-sign Bobby to whatever he wants in the future just because I would never want to say “No” to him.

But seriously, I really like how Bobby has been playing this year and he deserves an increased role, at least in my opinion. I think the Bulls will give him some more minutes down the stretch and let him showcase his skills a bit. (Maybe use him as a trade piece?).

#13: Speaking of trades, what would it take to trade for Anthony Davis?

The way Anthony Davis has been playing, I think the Pelicans should never, and I mean ever, trade someone as good as he is.

That being said, it’s the NBA and weird shit happens all the time.

Let’s say, New Orleans, decides to listen to offers for Davis. Would offering a package of LaVine, Portis, a 1st rounder this year, and maybe a future first, be enough to get Davis?

I’m not sure but it’s always interesting to think about and as a Bulls fan, pray for.

#14: New Orleans is currently on a 7 game winning streak. Where will the pick land?

The Pelicans being on a hot streak with Davis in charge makes question #13 seem even more ridiculous. But again, it’s the NBA and weird shit happens.

They are playing their best basketball right now and are probably going to make the playoffs unless something terrible happens. This Nikola trade was still good, but it’s not looking as good as it was 2 weeks ago.

The pick will probably land between 16-21 so not terrible, but also not what Bulls fans were hoping for

#15: Most importantly, who is the best ping pong player on the Bulls?

So, the Bulls hold an annual ping pong fundraiser at SPiN Chicago. The pictures looked great and it’s all for a good cause.

Obviously, all these guys are super competitive, otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the NBA. So that got me to thinking about who the best ping pong player on the Bulls is.

The answer is:

Zach LaVine.

Photo via Bulls Instagram

(Oh, I forget to mention that I am solely basing this on the fact that the above picture was posted on the Bulls Instagram and it includes Scottie Pippen, and Scottie Pippen only takes pictures with winners).

#16: Should Lauri Markkanen cut his hair?

Nope. Next question.

#17: Cam Payne?

This question is ironic because it’s also the answer.

In 10 years from now, when you’re at the bar with a couple of buddies and you guys spend 20 minutes trying to figure out who the Bulls got in return for Taj Gibson, someone in the back of the bar will say, with much confusion and disappointment:

Cam Payne?

#18: What would be the best “developmental” lineup?

Aka the best tanking lineup. What lineup could we put out there that would signal: “Code Red: The Tank is Officially Here”?

My best guess:

Make it happen, Fred.

#19: On a more serious note, what is Zach LaVine’s ceiling? 

This is always a fun debate because I don’t think anyone genuinely knows.

If I were to tell you that he would be Vince Carter 2.0, how would you feel?

#20: Who would be the perfect free agent signing for the Bulls this year?

The Bulls will have some cap space so I think they could make an under the radar signing and continue building on the young core.

My favorite signing would be Mario Hezonja.

Just turned 23, former 5th overall pick. Still has time to grow so why not take a chance on him? Won’t be expensive and if he performs, he’s yet another asset on a young team full of them.

#21: Last but not least, what has been the top moment of the year so far?

I respect the Warriors. I really do. They are having a legendary three-year run and even broke the win record of my beloved Chicago Bulls. Everything has been going right for them the past 3 years (except that 3-1 lead thing) and they are the model franchise in the league right now.

That being said, I’m a hater and I don’t like them, and they broke the Bulls win record so this is my favorite moment of the year:

(Photo by Charles Rex Arbogast, Associated Press)

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