After the first couple weeks of exhibition games in the books, these Sox look like they might actually surprise some people.  The offense should be there throughout the season.  Though they might have to small-ball their way to the W column during the first few frigid weeks on the Southside.   This squad looks like they can catch the ball, which as you know from listening to Hawk is the number one rule in baseball.  And if these young pitchers can get close to their talent, well!!

If you recall, the 1989 White Sox won 69 games and stunk up the AL West and the rest of the American League for that matter.  At least the 2017 Sox were fun to watch most of the time, unlike the ’89 squad.  Too bad interleague play wasn’t around then; they might have won 72 games.  Even back then the Sox couldn’t lose to the cross town Cubs as they ran off a long run of Windy City Classic victories versus their cross town rivals before there was a BP Cup to lay claim too. It got so bad that year, the Sox had to trade Harold Baines.  Now, the return was very solid but to trade Harold Baines was really unimaginable for Sox fans.  The Sox did get three very serviceable players in Scott Fletcher, Wilson Alvarez and Sammy Sosa.  But they gave up Harold… Ugh.

So 1990 came and again as usual in the late 80’s, nothing was expected of the Sox.  How could they even fathom hanging around with the powerhouse Oakland A’s who were the two time defending American League Champions led by former skipper Tony LaRussa?  A young, unproven lineup with the aging Carlton Fisk, at age 43, not yet being victimized by Father Time.  A young, unproven pitching staff with a couple of solid “veteran” pitchers in Jack McDowell and Bobby Thigpen to go along with Greg Hibbard, Melido Perez, Eric King, Donn Pall, Scott Radinsky and Barry Jones.

This 2018 White Sox roster is reminding me of this 1990 team.  No one thinks the Sox can compete this year, yet with Cleveland still loaded with talent and Minnesota coming off a Wild-Card playoff game and adding to their roster.  Let’s compare… a young, unproven lineup with the elder statesmen Jose Abreu anchoring the lineup.  A young, unproven, but extremely high ceiling pitching staff.  Where is the Jack McDowell (Lucas Giolito), Greg Hibbard (Hector Santiago), Eric King (James Shields), Bobby Thigpen (Nate Jones), Barry Jones (Joakim Soria), and Scott Radinsky (Luis Avilan)??  If these comparisons spit out the types of season that those guys did in 1990, the White Sox just might be playing with those Indians, Twins et al, come September.

Now, do I think the Sox will win the Central or a Wild-Card slot, probably not?  But what I do see is this team being able to turn-back-the-clock and if all goes right, this team rattles off 85-88 wins.  Almost everything went the Sox way in 1990… they even got no-hit and WON the game against those hated Yankees on July 1st.  The inexperience of the team I think ultimately caught up with them late and left the gap between them and eventual pennant winner Oakland.  But it did lead to some very fine years ahead for the Sox.

They would build off the 1990 campaign and finally bring home the AL West flag in 1993 and just might have brought a championship to Chicago eleven years earlier had the players-strike not wiped out the 1994 season when the Sox were winning at a .593 pace (96 wins over a full season) which was their best pace until the world championship season of 2005 (.611 winning percentage).  So as Opening Day nears, I am looking forward to a repeat of 1990 for these 2018 Sox after going through another 1989 in 2017!

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