It is safe to say that Jason Heyward, and his gigantic contract, have been controversial topics among Cubs fans since his signing during the 2015 off season.  While many fans were initially overjoyed at the signing, others were put off by the length and amount of the contract.  That 8-year, 184-million-dollar contract comes out to 23 million dollars per year, if Heyward doesn’t exercise his opt out clause following the 2019 season—which nobody thinks he will.

Jason Heyward is one of the most difficult players to put my finger on.  His first season on the north side of Chicago was his worst offensive season of his career.  However, the Cubs won the World Series, and by all accounts, Heyward’s speech in game 7 during the rain delay played more than a small part in that.  Heading into 2017, fans heard how Heyward was re-working his swing and was looking forward to rebounding and having a stellar 2017 season.  Instead, he posted a .715 OPS and was the weak link in the Cubs batting order once again.

This year, Heyward’s projections are almost identical to the numbers he put up last season.  The question is: Is that enough?  Is a .250 hitter that hits 10 home runs and knocks in 55 runs as well as plays excellent defense enough from a man that is making 23 million dollars a year? The answer to that is simple.  It doesn’t matter.  Jason Heyward is who he is.  There is no reason to expect Heyward to be any different than he has been in his first two seasons in Chicago.  However, with offense coming from other positions, maybe that will be enough again for the Cubs.


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