March 10th, a date many Fire fans have saved on their calendar, the first Fire home match of the season. Chicago Fire played their first match of the season at home, where they had to defend against Sporting Kansas City. Many people were wondering how SKC will do in this match with not truly having a goal scorer. However, today that didn’t appear as an issue for SKC.


SKC was first to make their presence known, in the 9th minute Felipe Gutierrez put Sporting up 1-0. Chicago seemed off the first half, many mistakes were going on with the men in red. Kansas’s defense was solid during the first half, giving the Fire a hard time getting through. One thing SKC did that the Fire didn’t was push their defense and continue to add pressure. Towards the end of the first half, SKC continued to push their defense while Johnny Russell scored and put Kansas to a 2-0 goal lead.


At this moment, Fire fans thought it was over, they thought it would be tough to come back the way Sporting was playing. Yet their lost hope for this match retreated in the matter of seconds. During the 60th minute the Fire started to attack more and added pressure to SKC, resulting with Bastain making a run into the box which he crossed towards Fire’s newcomer Aleksandar Katai, who scored his first MLS goal. Now with the score being 2-1, this gave hope to the Fire fans making them get back onto their feet and cheering for their club. About five minutes after Katai’s goal, Katai took a corner kick crossing it perfectly in front of the goal, landing on Dax McCarty’s head, which then landed onto Nemanja Nikolic who kicked it into the back of the net making the score 2-2.


Chicago seemed confident now, they seemed as they had control of the match. They kept pushing SKC, hungry to score another goal and receive those 3 points at home. In the 82nd minute of play Nemanja Nikolic had scored his second goal of the match, putting the Fire in a 1 goal lead. All the fans were on their feet, clapping, hugging, thinking the Fire won their first match, but it wasn’t over yet. Like the saying goes “it’s not over till the fat lady sings” and oh were Sporting Kansas City singing. In the 84th minute Kansas tied 3-3, and then 2 minutes later, Gutierrez scores his second goal of the match helping SKC walk away with the three points.


This match was like a rollercoaster, plenty of ups and downs, leaving many to wonder when it’ll end. Even though the Fire had lost, they looked promising. But there’s still room left for improvement for the men in red. Keeper Richard Sanchez made many mistakes that cost the Fire the match, the fire need a more experienced, confident keeper. The Fire still need a key defender and someone to fill up the right wing. Looking at today’s match, it’s clear that the Fire doesn’t lack in goal scorers.


Chicago Fire’s next match will be away against Minnesota United Saturday on March 17th. In the Fire’s 2017 season, they faced Minnesota once at home, losing 1-2 in their last home match of the season. Chicago will be looking to take 3 points on the road. So far in the season Minnesota are 1-1-0, recently losing to Orlando. Chicago Fire are 0-1-0, losing their first match to Sporting KC.

Who do you think will win ?

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