In a surprise move, the Chicago Cubs have released Justin Grimm.  Early reports suggest that the move does a couple of things.  First, it opens a roster spot.  Grimm struggled at the end of last season and has not put up good numbers so far this spring.  With Grimm no longer taking up space in the bullpen, the Cubs have more options for others who have performed better.  Second, the money they save by releasing Grimm can be used to fill any needs that may arise during the season, while staying under the luxury tax threshold.

Don’t worry too much about Grimm.  There is little doubt that he will be without a job long.  He has shown flashes of brilliance out of the pen, but his lack of consistency has been a major point of concern.  Having said that, there is no shortage of teams, in both leagues, that are starving for live arms to fill the middle innings.  Let’s just hope that Grimm signs with a team outside the Central Division.  Lest we forget what happens when facing ex-Cubs; they sometimes come back to bite.


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