The Cubs will forego designating a Captain for the 2018 season.  By no means is this a surprising move by the Cubs management since Theo Epstein himself has said, “We don’t have to put a C on anyone’s chest to know who our leaders are.”  It is widely known that the heart and soul of the Chicago Cubs today is 1st baseman, Anthony Rizzo.  Rizzo, is not only the longest tenured Cub but is also the face of the franchise.  He has anchored 1st base for the northsiders during both last place finishes and a World Series Championship.

However, a leader is more than the person that has been with a team the longest.  Anthony Rizzo checks off all the boxes of what a leader must do.  For example, it is always a good thing for your team leader to also be one of the team’s top producing players.  The big 1st baseman definitely fits the bill in that regard.  He has put up consistently good numbers at the plate in addition to playing stellar defense at 1st.  Rizzo also has shown the willingness to stand in and answer all the questions from the media in to take pressure off of some of his younger teammates.

Also, Anthony Rizzo is the type of player that wears his emotions on his sleeves but recognizes the importance of staying in the moment.  He will be the 1st person to stand up for a teammate, but also be the 1st person to calm others down if the situation calls for it.

It is interesting to see how Rizzo’s career has come full circle.  He has grown into the role that was occupied previously by David Ross.  Rizzo is now the veteran giving advice to the young guys but in many Cubs fans’ minds, he will always be the guy freaking out in the dugout during the World Series instead of the once needing to be calmed down by the veteran leader.


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  1. redazioneminiscoop

    April 3, 2018 at 2:04 PM

    Poor Rizzo has been demoted, He is surplus to requirements thrown away from Vaughn. Rizzo they did you a favour cut your loses and sup them stella

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