For many baseball fans, the biggest holiday of the year is only days away.  The Chicago Cubs regular season kicks off on Thursday, March 29th at 12:40 eastern time in Miami. On Opening Day, the opponent and location don’t matter as much as the fact that baseball is back.  Opening Day signifies the end of the long, cold winter and the start of the best season of the year… Baseball Season.

Opening Day is a day when anything seems possible.  Teams coming off last place finishes the year before have the slate wiped clean and a chance to write a different destiny for the upcoming 162 games.  Players have the opportunity to put frustrating seasons behind them and fulfill the potential that somebody along the way once saw in them.  Fans have renewed hope that this is finally going to be the year for their team and they will be able to leave decades, or even 108 years, of disappointment in the past.  Everybody is equal.  What you did last year does not matter.  Each player and each team are in control of their fate for the next 162 games and despite what the experts may predict, and the only thing we know for sure is that each season we will see something that we have never seen before.  Underdogs will emerge, favorites will fall, and a wild and crazy 6 months will ensue.

However, Opening Day is about more than just a fresh start.  It is a when the pageantry and excitement for America’s pastime will be on full display.  Parades will take place, celebrities will sing the National Anthem, and fans of all teams across the country will rejoice because, whether win or lose, Baseball Season is finally back.


Photo By Rob Grabowski/USA Today

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