Tonight’s Projected Hawks Lines:

Saad – Schmaltz – Kane

DeBrincat – Ejdsell – Sikura

Jurco – Anisimov – Matinsen

Sharp – Kampf – Hinostroza


Keith – Seabrook

Gustafsson – Murphy

Hillman – Rutta


This is a big one for the Blues!

They’re in a tight race for the last Wildcard spot, and are one point behind Colorado with 3 total games left (Colorado only has 2 games left).

This is the kind of playoff push that Hawks and Blues fans are used to, and Avalanche fans have only experienced twice in the past 9 seasons.

The Blackhawks are in perfect position to eliminate all Blues playoff hopes, and from what I’ve heard, the Hawks want these next two wins BADLY!

Despite being out of playoff positions for the past couple months, the Hawks are about to play some important hockey games. St. Louis needs wins, the Blackhawks need experience. What better way to get young guys like Sikura, Hillman, and Ejdsell some quality minutes then against a tough team making their last push to the playoffs.

All I want to see in this matchup is a good, quality game out of those 3 young ins. I could care less if the Hawks win this game, in fact, I kind of want them to lose…

Those of you that want to confiscate my Blackhawks Fan Card, just hear me out!

Now I hate St. Louis’ professional sports teams as much as the next Chicago fan, probably even more. I actually have a picture of myself in front of Busch Stadium wearing a Cubs hat, and Blackhawks t-shirt while frowning and giving the “thumbs down” gesture. But for the sake of the Blackhawks future, they need to lose!

The Blackhawks (74pts) sit in the #8 spot right now, and could possibly drop down to #6, raising their chances of receiving a top-3 pick.

The Oilers (74pts) are currently the 7th worst team, and their last 2 games come against the Vegas Golden Knights (109pts) and the Vancouver Canucks (70pts). If the Hawks lose their last 3 games, and the Oilers win at least one of their last two, the Hawks will drop below them and into the #7 spot.

The Islanders (76pts) last 2 games are against the Rangers (77pts) and the Red Wings (72pts). Hopefully they win one of those two, and remain above the Hawks in the standings.

If the Hawks lose all 3 of their last games, the Oilers pick up at least 1 point in their final 2, and if the Red Wings can get 3 points in their last 2, the Hawks would drop in to the #6 spot.

With all the variables involved, I don’t think that last scenario is likely to play out. But I’m really hoping that Edmonton can pick up a win or two so the Hawks can sit in the #7 spot of the draft. If they’re in the #7 slot, the lowest they could pick, outside of the top-3 is 7th, and the highest they could pick is 10th.

That’s a good spot to be in if you ask me. I would obviously prefer to be in a playoff spot right now, but the best I can ask for, as a Blackhawks fan, is to see them lose these last 3 games. The next 2 are against the Blues, with the last game on Saturday coming against the Jets. Both of those teams are either in the playoffs, or pushing for a spot which should make these games a little tougher on the Hawks.

This is a lost season as far as playoff hopes go (obviously), so I’m definitely looking forward to the off-season, and some stress-free playoff hockey!

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