Jordan Howard deleted all Chicago Bears affiliated photos off of his Instagram. There’s only one thing to assume at this point, the apocalypse. The outcome of what is really going on will reveal itself soon, but what if the news is true? What potential trade would be worth giving up Jordan Howard?

(For the record, we know what Jordan Howard is as a running back. His work ethic and genuine heart is invaluable. He’s an insane runningback who has produced two 1,000 yard seasons without a passing game to support him. His elite vision and decision making skills are unteachable. Jordan Howard is a franchise running back and I believe a trade would be a mistake.)

New York Giants: Switch No. 2 and No. 8 overall picks. Also, No. 34 pick to the Bears

This may be too rich of a trade for the Giants but, Ryan Pace knows Jordan Howard’s worth. He’s not going to let him walk unless the offer is too good to deny. The problem with this trade? There is no way to know what the Browns are going to do with that No. 1 overall pick. What guys like Jordan Howard, Kareem Hunt, and Alvin Kamara have proven to NFL General Managers is there is value for running backs later in the draft. Having that No. 2 overall pick could mean Bradley Chubb coming to Da Bears if Saquan Barkley is gone or additional draft picks to a QB hungry team. Just a random scenario… as of now, Jordan Howard is Chicago Bear. So, keep your britches on and exit your bomb shelters!

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