Is Opening Day going to be a sign of things to come for the 2018 White Sox?  Such a great, promising start for at least 25 outs on Thursday.  Those last 2 outs… well, we all know what happened.  You can’t really pin this blown save on Joakim Soria either.  If Leury blocks that ball, the runners are at second and third with two out and still another chance to secure victory.

My first question is:  Isn’t Leury Garcia supposed to be the late-inning defensive replacement for Nicky Delmonico?  Maybe they need to revisit that situation, huh?  The one thing that I know that happened from this situation, is that it probably won’t happen again.  That seems to be the program with Ricky’s team.  The mistakes are going to be made, but you usually don’t see them made again in the same manner.  So I guess we can let Leury continue to spot Nicky D. in the starting lineup and occasionally be a defensive replacement for him late in games.

My next question is:  Why are Nate Jones and Joakim Soria pitching again within about 16 hours of doing it north of the border?  I understand Soria, with Friday being an off-day and he hadn’t pitched in a couple of days and it was a save situation.  But why Nate Jones in there?  Danny “Lord” Farquhar had struck out three of the first four hitters he faced.  And he actually looked really good for the first time since the bell rang in KC.  Jones meanwhile, is coming off major elbow surgery (moving a nerve, etc.) and had looked like the Nate Jones of old in his first few appearances.  But after the first pitch he threw, you could tell it wasn’t there for him yesterday.  Then comes Gregory Infante.  I think his next pitch should be in Charlotte, NC.  He just hasn’t looked right all spring and keeps issuing the free passes and is running the stress meters off the charts for fans trying to watch outs 25, 26, and 27.

So I guess that yes, what we saw on Thursday is probably going to happen some more as we move through this development year.  But the boys were playing so good and to have that blow up on them in the home opener and against those dang Tigers, well, it could have waited a few more days.  Again as Hawk would say; we all better “Sit down, relax and strap it down” it’s going to be a fun, long ride in 2018.

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