When Dylan Cease was included in the Jose Quintana trade he was considered the secondary piece of the trade with Eloy being the crown jewel of the trade. Many Sox fans, including myself, figured Cease would probably be a bullpen guy. But he has quickly blossomed into one of the most exciting White Sox prospects right now.

Cease has a 70 grade fastball that is outstanding. He hits 94-97 on average and can amp it up to 98-99. He also brings a knee buckling 50 grade curveball to the game. Now him only having those 2 pitches as his effective pitches made me weary to think he could ever start. But his change up has progressed significantly and has showed no signs that the Tommy John surgery is slowing him down.

Cease having the potential to be a legit starter is a scary thought. In 2019 the Sox can be looking at a rotation of Michael Kopech, Lucas Giolito, Alec Hansen, Reynaldo Lopez and Cease. And the great thing is even if Cease doesn’t pan out as a starter and is far more effective as a closer you still have Dane dunning, Carson fulmer or Carlos Rodon to fill that slot. If anything the Sox pitching staff is going to have a decade of depth and dominance.

When Cease was brought into this organization it was expected he’d be a 8th inning guy or closer but now he has made himself more versatile. He has made the White Sox rebuild more versatile. Dylan Cease is excelling in high A and should expect to finish in AA and start in AAA next year and be in the majors by June 2019. It’s an exciting time to be a White Sox fan and Dylan Cease and his electric arm only adds to that excitement.

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