The Chicago Bears are being looked as an up-and-coming team who could push for the playoffs in the 2018 season. On the surface that seems reasonable, as they have made additions in free agency geared to the offensive side of the ball, which the Bears did not post great numbers in. Bears’ fans are ready for the new look offense where they demand improvements. As a fan who has skeptical lenses on when looking  at the team, the stats will tell the story.

The Bears have ranked in the top 20 in total offense only twice since the 2007, in 2013 and in 2016 and in those seasons the Bears went 8-8 and 3-13. The Chicago Bears have only made the playoffs once in those years and that was in 2010 when we ranked 30th in total offense and average 20.9 points per game. In the new NFL that is pass happy and has quarterbacks throwing the ball more often, the Bears need to make the adjustment. As a fan who watched every Bears game, I can’t tell you how many times our defense was drowned out by the lack of consistency on offense. One stat that speaks wonders to how bad our offense really was last season is that the Chicago Bears ranked 2nd in total plays run. Meaning that our defense was on the field far more than our offense. If we are built by our defense and running game it can’t be like that. The Bears need to eat up time of possession which would use our defense to the best of our ability.

Matt Nagy should help rejuvenate the offense and it’s abilities. Not only would Nagy help push the offense to new levels, the defense should also benefit by not being on the field constantly. Nagy has the ability to unleash the dink and dunk offense that plagued the Bears in 2017 and was the theme of Alex Smith for most of his career besides 2017. The Kansas City Chiefs were a well rounded team in 2017 and got off to a flaming hot start. With the help of Matt Nagy the Bears should be able to reflect that success into the 2018 season. Trubisky has shown the ability to fling the ball accurately down field, and his now #1 wide receiver should be at the end of those throws. The Bears ranked 29th in total offense in 2017 while the Chiefs placed 6th. But, the more interesting stat is that the Kansas City Chiefs ranked 2nd in yards per play, and the Chiefs have increased in yards per play every year since 2013, when Nagy first joined the staff.

There are many other stats that prove that Matt Nagy is a walking offensive guide to success, but every fan knows how much more powerful the Chiefs offense was when Nagy was leading the way. Bears fans should be happy that they have someone who thinks creatively and not your 2017 summary, where it was a 1st and 2nd down run and then a deep in route on 3rd and long. Look for Nagy to get the Chicago Bears out of their den and powering their way to a top offense and team in 2018.


Photo: Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune

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