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Round 1


CB Denzel Ward: 5’11’’, 183lbs

School: Ohio State

About: 2017 College Stats 2017; 37 tackles, 2 interceptions, 15 passes defended, 2 tackles for loss. He killed the combine with his 4.32 40, 39 inch vert and 136 in broad jump. Allowed just over 32 percent completions over last two years. Nuts.

Analysis: He’s smaller and gets bullied in the run game and blockers at times. His size doesn’t affect him in the passing game at the collegians level, but worried against better QB play he’d be taken advantage of. Extremely physical at the line and in the route. Where he lacks in height he makes up in his vertical. He’s crazy quick and has no problem sticking with WR’s. True cover corner. Can play outside, but Bears don’t have to use him there if they feel he isn’t ready OR it’s argued he could be ELITE against the slot position. If he could learn to snap his head around faster he may open himself to intercepting more passes. He’s constantly in position to do so.

ILB (OLB) Rashaan Evans: 6’3’’, 232lbs

School: Alabama

About: College Stats 2017; 74 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, 3 passes defended, 0 interceptions. Being from Alabama you know his work ethic is set. We are reminded of that from every prospect that comes out of Nick Saban’s intense practices. Butkus Award Semi-finalist.

Analysis: Smallish for an ILB, but fits what the position is evolving into. He’s got a lot of speed and closes gaps QUICK!! Pass rushing ability and has great instincts. He’s able to get runners down behind the line of scrimmage… a sneaky OLB candidate. He has an incredible spin move but has more experience inside. Having the versatility really helps. Keeps head up when tackling and wraps up. He’s a little too aggressive at times, but let him be aggressive… that’s like saying my biggest weakness is I work too hard.

OT Connor Williams: 6’5’’, 320lbs, 33’’ arms

School: Texas

About: Played Left Tackle at Texas, didn’t participate in the Bowl game and had nagging knee injury his junior season.

Analysis: Bears do not need a LT with Charles Leno Jr.’s extension. He would most likely be moved to guard or given the opportunity to compete at RT. His 2017 tape brought his stock down, but he proved at the combine the kind of explosiveness he possesses. Has been said he has the ability and size to play all five positions on the line, yes, even center if taught by the right guy.

Round 2


CB Mike Hughes: 5’10’’, 189lbs

School: UCF

About: 2017 College stats; 44 tackles, four interceptions — one returned for a touchdown, team-high 11 pass breakups. He was kicked out of UNC for a “fraternity” incident. Learned early that his actions have consequences. Mature. UCF was undefeated in 2017. Has tasted victory.

He showed more to be excited about than to be disappointed in. He only has one season as a starter. Sounds like a certain QB we know and he turned out alright.

Had some special teams TD’s

Analysis: Little stout guy who’s not afraid to get dirty. Hits hard, but sometimes too hard. He’ll lower his head for tackles and miss. Able to close gaps if he does miss coverage due to his speed. Super raw, but with the proper coaching he could be really good. Warrant a 2nd round? Seems risky.

OT Brian O’Neil: 6’7’’, 305lbs, 34 1/8’’ arms

School: Pittsburgh

About: Has experience at Right Tackle, but spent his junior season at Left Tackle due to injuries on the line. This shows versatility. Above average combine in almost every aspect.

Analysis: Being able to play multiple positions is a great thing to have on your resume. He has the speed/explosiveness to play the tackle position, but reports of him “freaking out,” too much against quality rushers at the senior bowl seems to be dropping his stock. Could definitely be have more strength as well. A solid Tackle with a future ahead of him under the right guy. Don’t neccesarily need a ton of power to play that Tackle position. Need speed to keep up with the new breed of edge rushers.

WR D.J. Chark: 6’3’’, 199lbs

School: LSU

About: College Stats 2017; 40 receptions, 874 yards, and 3 TD’s. LSU has a great program for wide receivers and they eye for top-tier wide receivers. Jarvis Landry and ODB both came of out that system. Killed it at Senior Bowl. Wears #7 (HUGE HONOR AT LSU TO WEAR #7) … RAW!

Analysis: At 6’3’’ and 4.34 40… he’s a big guy with big speed. Great candidate to replace Cam Meredith. Has the ability to track the ball, but it’s not consistent. Needs to improve. His start/stop ability is nuts. KR and PR ability. Lazy route runner.

Round 3


OLB Uchenna Nwosu: 6’3’’, 251lbs, 33 5/8’’

School: USC

About: College Stats 2017; 75 tacks, 11.5 tackles for loss, 9.5 sacks, 1 int, 13 passes defended. Had trouble and got kicked out of a hometown school. Came back as a USC Trojan in 2014 and players, family and friends have attested to his TOTAL personality change since the incident. Played 4 seasons with USC.

Analysis: My favorite trait about this dude is he’s smart. He knows when to jump and block a ball. He’s fast enough and versatile enough to drop back into coverage. 13 pass deflections as a guy that spends most of his time on the outside… he’s aware and always looking for PRO, PA, and End Arounds. Doesn’t get fooled often.

OL Will Clapp: 6’5’’, 315lbs

School: LSU

About: Clapp’s versatility is what has brought so much attention to him this NFL Draft. He spent all of the 2017 season as Center but was at Left Guard in 2016. Started both seasons.

Analysis: The lineman coming out of college that can play multiple positions are so valuable in the sense of at the very least a back up. You never know who’s going to get hurt and having a guy who can play 2 positions helps you to fill those holes. He’s got good size, but arm length has been reported to affect his game. Longer armed defenders have given him issues. Good size for center a little small everywhere else.

DE (OLB) Josh Sweat: 6’4’’, 251lbs

School: Florida State

About: College Stats 2017;  56 tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks and 3 passes defended. He was a top 10, 5 star recruit coming out of High School. Injury has been a concern since high school. Missed most of his senior year. Avoided Bowl game.

Analysis: The Length that Fangio likes on the EDGE. He was built for that 3-4 SAM position. Quick enough to move back into coverage as well. He’s a pure pass rush guy though. That’s his bread and butter and the Bears need it. One of the things he admitted to need to work on is getting off the line quicker. High ceiling/low floor player. Injury concern is what’s keeping his stock down, but other than that huge potential.


Round 4


WR Jaleel Scott: 6’5’’, 215lbs

School: New Mexico State

About: College Stats 2017; 1,079 yards, 9 td’s, and 76 receptions. 2 seasons with NMSU and only 1 season with tape worth evaluating. Crazy catches is his M.O.

Analysis: Dude CAN CATCH. He’s a physical specimen being so large and fast. Doesn’t make sense. Not only is he tall, but he has the size to overpower CB’s too. Constantly boxes out CB’s and has ability to grab that high ball. HUGE window to throw to. I can’t stress enough how underrated this kid is, but being from a smaller conference school, with only one productive season I see what his stock has dropped some. Rough senior bowl. Underrated route runner. He pushes through every tackle! Said at senior bowls he wants to gain weight/add to frame. Can improvise.

S Godwin Igwebuike: 6’0’’, 205lbs

School: Northwestern

About: College Stats 2017; 78 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 2 interceptions and 8 passes defended. Extremely productive at Northwestern 2016 he recorded 108 tackles. Good character kid and very smart. Hometown kid.

Analysis: Great angles, great combine and is always around the ball. Great on run plays. Closes gaps and gets to the ball. Lacks in coverage when asked to be man, which is why he’s a Safety and not a CB most likely. Strong Safety candidate. This would be a depth pick and watch him grow. A lot like a raw Amos.

OLB Jerome Baker: 6’1’’, 229lbs, 31 1/2’’ arms

School: Ohio State

About: College Stats 2017; 72 tackles, eight tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks, a forced fumble and three pass defended. Finally got the call up in 2016 and shined. Could be a round 3 guy.

Analysis: Been said to run around lineman instead of taking them head-on. Going around linemen can give the QB too much time to get rid of the ball. You need versatility to your rushing game. Less pocket time, more pressure. Also, fits a 4-3 defense better, but that 40 speed could be desirable. Probably not big enough to fit Fangio though. Lowers head when tackling. (Not crazy about this pick) Insane one handed grab in 2016 in their spring game. Athletic guy.

Round 5


ILB Tegray Scales: 6’0’’, 230lbs

School: Indiana

About: College Stats 2017; 89 Tackles, 12.5 for loss, 6 sacks, 2 interceptions and 1 pass defended.

Analysis: Similar size to Danny Trevathan. Not big, but PRODUCTIVE. 12.5 tackles for loss. that stat alone tells you his ability to snuff out the run, screen or trick play. Aggressive, Instinctive, but small. Only 1 pass defended when you’re primary job is to stay in the middle of the field is not ok. Vocal leader. Despite size can break away from blocks but if they get their hands on him he’s done. He’s got heart. Character. SOLID tackler.

Trey Quinn: 6’0’’, 212lbs

School: SMU

Bio: College Stats 2017; 1236 yards receiving, 13 TD’s with 114 receptions.  All around athlete. Track, baseball, and football. Started with LSU transferred to SMU and killed it!

Analysis: He’s Daniel Braverman/Tanner Gentry hybrid. The Bears will finally get their guy who can do what both of them were so good at. With the slot position have tons of options, he’d be pretty far down the roster. Good hands, foot work and route running. Poor top speed, but good acceleration. BUT HANDS ALL DAY and would be a great safety blanket for Tru… Quinn can handle the pressure and heavy targets.

DT Hercules Mata’afa: 6’2’’, 254lbs, 31 1/2’’ arms

School: Washington State

About: College Football 2017; 45 tackles, 22.5 for loss, 10.5 sacks. Smallest defensive linemen the past three years, SUPER DANGEROUS THOUGH!

Analysis: HIGH MOTOR! He is always in the play. Could be groomed as an edge guy. Has the right size to do so. DOESN’T QUIT. He’s got heart and wants it BAD. HEART>MEASURABLES sometimes. Possibly push him down to 6th. n

Round 6

ILB Azeem Victor: 6’1’’, 230lbs

School: Washington

About: College Stats 2017; 30 tackles, 2 for loss, 2 sacks, and 3 passes defended. Suspended for targeting call against USC and a DUI charge. Could have discipline issues, but you would hope human nature kicks in and he learns from his mistakes. Spent time on Special Teams as well.

Analysis: One of those, “Can we access what he had before his injury?” type of player. These later round guys are generally guys you can get away with a mistake or two. Was an excellent player coming into college until he broke his leg. He gained weight and consistently got beat by faster slot guys and running backs. He’s more a sit back and watch the play unfold type of player. Doesn’t get fooled easily. Unfortunately, gives up a few extra yards due to his safe play style.

DT Lowell Lotulelei: 6’2’’, 327lbs

School: Utah

About: College Stats 2017; 16 tackles, 3.5 for loss and 1.5 sakcs. Star Lotulelei is his brother, (former first round Panthers pick.) Rumored to have been playing hurt. Projected to be a decent draft pick and 2017 his numbers dropped drastically. Some say it was a lack of effort and laziness. If that’s the case he has untapped potential to access.

Analysis: Undersized for the position, but has upside. A guy who, if Hicks puts his no rookie rule aside, could really learn a lot watching Hicks and playing behind him. There are rumors that his “Love for football could be questioned.” He’s going to end up on a team this season, can they access that love again and get his previous production back?

OG Cody O’Connell: 6’9’’, 363lbs

School: Washington State

About: Played Special Teams, 2016 finally got his first start receiving an unanimous vote for All-American. He has been superb since starting. Started at left guard in 2017.

Analysis: Diamond in the rough this one is. Just the kind of player Pace like to sniff out. Not only is he a mammoth of a player and extremely tough to get around him. Has a hard time recovering because of his size. Also has a hard time with swing blocks. He size is awesome, but kills him at the same time.

Round 7

WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling: 6’5’’, 205lbs

School: South Florida

About: College Stats 2017; 53 receptions, 879 yards and 6 TD’s. Also has 8 rushing attempts with 108 yards and a TD. Transfered to USF from NC State for more opportunities at USF. He got it.

Analysis: He’s a go and get it receiver. Run as fast as you can I’ll throw it up and you catch it. He could work on route running for sure, but in the 7th round you are trying to find guys who you can work on and find that diamond in the rough. Not as raw as people say. He’s so big and fast, there’s a lot to like.

OT/G Timon Parris: 6’5’’, 312 lbs, 33 7/8’’

School: Stony Brook

About: Walk-on at Stony Brook, recruited by his basketball talent.

Analysis: Four year starter at LT. He’s a physical specimen. BIG. Needs quicker hands. Fun prospect from a small school.


These notes were written and followed during Bears Naiton Podcast by @joshliles28. If you’d like to listen to the Podcast the link is below!

** Stats taken from NFL.com and http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/ **


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