Yoan Moncada is a very good baseball player and I will refuse to listen to any other slander on the matter. I have mouth breathing baseball fans (Cubs fans, Sox fans etc.) Just bitching constantly that Yoan is a bust. The guy hasn’t even played 100 games yet people, he’s 22, his outstanding instincts and built like a house.

Everyone likes to point out his high strikeout rate or low average. The strikeouts will drop as he gains more experience. The low average lasted for what? A month at most with a fairly impressive .267/.353/.524/.877 slash line. Guess what… he’s only going to get better too. The more games and experience he gains the better he will be. The intangibles are all there. Athletic, takes pitches, great instincts. All things that are fairly unteachable.

This stretch he has had the last 2 weeks is insane. In a matter of 2 weeks he has gone from a .214 average to a .274, that’s an unreal jump. He’s also doubled his home run total as well. He’s beginning to see the ball better and as the weather gets warmer he’s only going to be feeling himself more and more. This kid is fucking special and if you can’t see that then I simply can’t help you.

My prediction for Moncada this year was that he’d be a .290 hitter with 25 home runs and 80 RBI. Right now I think he actually may exceed that with the pace he has began to pick up. I will make this guarantee though. Yoan Moncada WILL be an all star next year and for the years to come after. This kid is special and is one of the prospects that are must hit in order for the great Hahn rebuild to be successful, other 2 being Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert, and Moncada is well on his way to being a home run acquisition for the White Sox.

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