With the NBA Draft lottery right around the corner, it’s difficult to say who the Chicago Bulls will be targeting with their first pick. But despite their draft slotting, they should be all in on Michael Porter Jr.

Yes, it’s been well documented by Bulls fans that the team is in dire need of an upgrade at the wing position. And  If the Bulls ping-pong balls fall in their favor with a pick in the 1-3 range, Michael porter Jr. should be the name called.

Much has been said about the uber talented Deandre Ayton and the shot blocking prowess of Mohammed Bamba. And for good reason, as both are supremely skilled at manning the middle, although Ayton possesses a better offensive skill set.  Opposing defenses think twice before entering the paint when either is on the court.

However, the Bulls need to take a chance on Michael Porter Jr. and the offensive versatility that he brings to the table.  His draft status took a hit when he needed a microdiscectomy to relieve reoccurring pain felt in his hip.  And Porter was only able to play in 4 collegiate games upon his return.  But all signs point to him making a full recovery and making plays like the ones posted while in high-school that made him a surefire number one pick.

He has shown plenty of upside and potential, averaging 36.2 points and 13.6 rebounds per game in his senior high of high school.

Porter’s measurables are also outstanding for a wing.  He stands 6’10’’ and possesses a 7’0’’ wingspan. His standing reach is 9’0.

Another plus is that he played in a similar system to the Bulls at Missouri. Porter has proven to be accustomed and efficient at running screen plays and creating spacing off the shot. This is a major factor in the success of the offense that the Bulls run when they have reliable players to execute it..  Porter can easily fit into this system and improve the wing position of the Bulls.

Given all of these traits, Porter would be an excellent prospect that could instantly upgrade the Chicago Bulls.




  1. Jason

    May 8, 2018 at 10:41 PM

    Michael Porter won’t live up to the hype. You’re crazy.

  2. balldontlie

    May 9, 2018 at 8:11 PM

    “averaging 36.2 points and 13.6 rebounds” in Seattle metro league that regularly produces NBA players.

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