With the 1st pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls select…..

That’s it. That’s the magical sentence that Bulls fans are hoping to hear on June 21st. Of course, in order for that to happen, the Bulls will need to win the draft lottery on Tuesday night. They currently have the 6th best odds to obtain the #1 pick. Here’s the percentage breakdown of where the Bulls could potentially land:

  • #1 pick: 5.3%
  • #2 pick: 6.0%
  • #3 pick: 7.0%
  • #6 pick: 44.0%
  • #7 pick: 33.1%
  • #8 pick: 4.5%
  • #9 pick: 0.1%

So, as you can see, odds are, the Bulls will wind up with either the 6th or 7th pick. But we know far too well that anything can happen. *cue Derrick Rose’s music*

There are still so many questions that will be left unanswered after tomorrow night, but at least we’ll know for certain where the Bulls will be drafting come June. With that being said, I gathered some of the staff here at Bulls Nation to help answer some of the more important questions going into the lottery.


First and foremost, who you would like the Bulls to draft Tuesday night?

Juan Hernandez: Mo Bamba. I’ll admit, I wasn’t incredibly sold on him when I first saw him play. But after watching some tape and weighing the needs on this Bulls team, Bamba is not only a perfect fit but also a star in the making. Comparisons say a 3-pt shooting Rudy Gobert? Sign me up.

Kingsley Bernardo: Michael Porter, Jr. Besides the Instagram pics of MPJ in Bulls gear, his length and ability to score is exactly the type of “first option” talent the Bulls are looking for.

Justin Butler: Michael Porter, Jr. He would address a need that the Bulls have. Plus, Porter offers more upside than Bridges, although I believe that Bridges will turn into the better defender.

What should be plan B?

JH: I think it has to be MPJ. Sure, Mikal Bridges will probably still be on the board, along with Wendell Carter but if MPJ is available, he has to be the choice. There is much uncertainty with him, but if we’re choosing this high, I’d rather see them swing for the fences on a prospect than draft a role player.

KB: There’s a good chance Porter is gone at 6 (if the Bulls pick there) so another prospect I like is Mikal Bridges. Ideally, the Bulls trade down to snatch him up. His ability to shoot the lights out and his off the ability fits the new run-and-gun mold Hoiberg likes.

JB: Deandre Ayton. He’s clearly the top prospect and I would obviously be happy with him as a second option, although I’m hesitant on the Bulls drafting him when so many teams turn to playing smaller lineups in crunch time.

Bulls fans seem to forget we have another pick in the first round. Who should the Bulls target at the end of the first round?

JH: Aaron Holiday and Chandler Hutchison make sense here, but I really would love if the Bulls could land Keita Bates-Diop. I’ve seen mocks where he is as high as 15 and as low as 28. Seems like the perfect guy to choose at 22. He has length and is one of those proven “veteran” college players from a big school that GarPax loves so much.

KB: At 22, I like a couple players. Jalen Brunson out of Nova, Trevon Duval out of Duke, and Keita Bates-Diop of out Ohio State. All proven players from big schools who’d be nice additions to a young bench.

JB: Originally, I was thinking Chandler Hutchison out of Boise State but I have since changed my pick to Brandon McCoy out of UNLV. He’s very raw, but with Lopez on the roster, he will have time to develop. The Bulls need a big since Felicio has taken a step back.

Where are you watching the draft lottery? Most importantly, what is your lucky charm?

JH: I’ll be watching the lottery probably in my living room while on Twitter to catch any breaking news. I don’t have a lucky charm, and I wouldn’t consider myself superstitious, but I’m almost done building a time machine that will let me see the exact outfit that I wore on lottery night back in 2008, so there’s that.

KB: While I normally don’t watch the lottery live, I do follow on social media to see what the order shakes out to be. No lucky charms, just going to send a prayer up so that my Bulls get the best possible pick. It worked for Derrick Rose, why not work this year for AYTONNNNN. #TankinForAyton

JB: I’m not watching it…. way too much pressure lol.

We end this article with some good vibes:


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