So right now I’m gonna be ‘that fan’ and by that I mean the woefully optimistic fan that you can appreciate sometimes but just want to put his head in a microwave most times because he’s so optimistic. As sports fans we are always expecting the worst. It’s human nature and it carries over to the teams we root for. On the South Side right now, there isn’t too much to be rooting for. But I’m going to be that fan right now and tell you….. the Chicago White Sox can win their division this year.

Yea, I said it. It’s not likely but it’s definitely not impossible. Right now the White Sox have played a horrendous first 2 months of baseball. Just not good stuff. But miraculously they are 8.5 games behind in their division and they’re 14-31. With Lucas Giolito hopefully finding his groove back, Reynaldo Lopez doing Reynaldo Lopez things and the return of Carlos Rodon imminent you can have a respectable 1-2-3 pitching punch. As well as Avi Garcia coming back from injury, Yoan Moncada starting to find a groove and Jose Abreu continuing to do Jose Abreu things.

Also lest we forget we have 2 minor leaguers just itching to hit the big leagues. Eloy Jimenez and Michael Kopech will look to make immediate impacts on this team when called up and will make this team better. Throw Kopech in that rotation and Eloy in that lineup and suddenly things start to shape up a bit. Maybe you close that gap a bit more on these teams in the AL central. I honestly think the Sox have played their worst baseball of the year already. I expected their first 50 games to be miserable and after that starting to make strides of improvement. We’re about 8 games from that mark so we are about to find out.

And if you roll your eyes at this notion than just think of it this way. The AL central being so bad should make Sox fans salivate because if this team and it’s prospects come up and piece it together fast, this division is going to be easily taken over by us for the next 5-8 years. So at the very least realize taking over this division and all of baseball may be a bit easier than expected. The White Sox record is brutal right now, but all it takes is one or two players coming back/up to ignite a run and suddenly that 8 games turns to 6 and 6 turns to 4 and 4 turns to… well you see where I’m going. Don’t write this team off yet. They’re too young and too much talent is coming back or up from the minors in the coming months to lose faith. Maybe the Sox won’t do any of this and they’ll win 58 games this year but that’s what having a young, up and coming team is about. It’s the uncertainty in the first couple years of it that makes it most fun.

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