Jose Abreu is really good at his job. He has made that pretty clear ever since he burst on the scene with the White Sox in 2014. Now entering his 5th season on the south side he has proven he is worth every penny the Sox are paying him and then some. He has had at least 25 home runs and 100 RBI in every season he has played, he has shown vast improvement at 1st base defensively and has become the undeniable leader of this very young team.

Abreu was rumored to be on the trading block for some time last season but nothing ever came of it. In all honesty I hope nothing ever comes of it again. The Sox need to give Abreu the extension and the pay day he most certainly has earned. With an impressive career slash line of .301/.359/.526/.885 it’s tough to argue against paying the man. And I get it, he is 31 and ‘he might not be a contributor by the time the Sox are ready to compete’ argument is valid to an extent. But he doesn’t have a lot of mileage on his body and he has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down his production rate. He’s hitting .308 and has 9 dingers and 31 RBI already this season. Doesn’t seem like he intends on slowing the pace down any time soon.

The Sox don’t have some stud 1B prospect in their system itching to come up. So why not extend and pay your clubhouse leader who has been your best player, bar none, the last 5 years? It’s only right you had an anchor like Paul Konerko for all those years and you get a guy like Abreu who just slid into both the production and leadership roles so smoothly. Argue about spending money on Machado or Arenado all you want but the person who needs to be paid handsomely for the Sox is already playing for them. Make the right move and give him that 4-5 year extension and make him a White Sox for life.

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