So you want the bulls to draft Trae Young? Here is why you are wrong.

I recently had a Twitter exchange with @ITSTRAEYOUNGSZN a very unbiased account that had some really unoriginal thoughts on the matter. So I decided to use this muse and share my thoughts on the Oklahoma point guard.

Trae Young is the next Steph curry was basically this guys point. I’ve heard this lazy comparison a lot and it’s flat out not true.

Besides jacking up long distance 3’s and hoping they go in, that’s where the comparisons should end between Young and Curry. Steph is the best shooter of all time and can finish with the best of them. Curry is also a decent on ball defender and can definitely thrive as a team defender.

Trae continually struggled to finish close to the basket in his one season at the college level. To me, this is a trait that doesn’t get better with age. You either have this skill or you don’t. Young is also absolutely horrid on defense, so much so Oklahoma had to basically put him in a corner and say “go ahead Trae you just guard that corner over there buddy”.

Young is not and will not be Curry.

Young doesn’t not fit well into this Bulls team as currently constructed. If you have been watching the NBA playoffs like I have you have seen all the switching on defense and how the length and size of the Boston Celtics brought them within one game seven of the NBA Finals. If Lebron doesn’t put on a cape they are playing against the Warriors.

Now look at the Bulls roster. Dunn is a plus defender. Outside of that you have a lot of holes on the defensive end of the floor. LaVine has yet to prove he can guard anyone. Lauri though he showed the “want to” to play defense I doubt he will ever be “defensive stopper”. Now add Young into the mix and you have two defensive negatives on the court at the same time combined with zero rim protection. The reason you haven’t seen any teams like that still in the playoffs is because they are sitting at home on the couch like you and me.

Young might thrive as a second or third option for a team like the Celtics or even the Cavs if Lebron decides to stay. But if Trae goes to a team that allows him to be the focal point on offense and be as ball dominate as he was in college he’s going to struggle. He’s going to look a lot more like the bad Isaiah Thomas we saw this year then the 2x MVP Steph Curry.

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