The two players that no one will be super excited about if the Bulls call their name on June 21st both are working out at the Advocate Center Monday. It’s kind of fitting these two would workout on the same day. They both represent the consolation prize for Bulls fans. If Carter and Mikal are the best options available that means no one fell. Orlando or the Hawks didn’t pick Trae Young, See my thoughts On Trae here JJJ, MPJ, and Bamba are all gone along with the other top picks Luka, Ayton, and Bagley. This is who we are left with. So let’s decide who Garpax should take.

Wendell Carter Jr

  • Height 6′ 10″ in shoes
  • Weight 251 lbs
  • Wingspan 7′ 4.5″
  • Highest upside comp ” A taller Draymond Green”
  • Low end comp Taj Gibson

Carter was supposed to be the focal point of Dukes offense until Marvin Bagley came out of no where and was able to get into college early. He sacrificed for the team and decided it was better for him to focus on defense and rebounding. He has an outside shot. Shooting 41% from range he could help the bulls play a 5 out offense. He also could be the rim protector that the Bulls really need while also being able to stay on the floor when the opposition goes small which so many teams do now.

Mikal Bridges

  • Height 6’7″
  • Weight 200 lbs
  • Wingspan 7′
  • Highest upside comp Nicolas Batam before the injuries
  • Low end comp Justin Holiday

He’s made for the modern day NBA. He’s long, he can defend, he can stretch the defense by making 3’s consistently. He was a Junior at Villanova which takes a notch out of his upside. He also played in a very NBA esque offense at Nova.

To me this is a choice between upside and the sure thing. Carter has just oodles and oodles more upside then Mikal. There are a lot of players like Bridges in this draft. They might not be as good as he is right now but that doesn’t mean they won’t be by the time they are his age. Carter presents the Bulls with the opportunity to get a rim protector next to Lauri who won’t clog the paint on offense. I didn’t suffer through that awful season to end up with Mikal Bridges as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Give me Carter any day and his upside. Maybe he will turn out to be a prize instead of just a consolation.

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